5 Simple Yet Important Ways To Sharpen Your Thoughts

Your brain is the controller of everything. Be it engaging in a steaming debate or preparing yourself for your exams or jotting down your first love poem or managing a crisis in office- you would need a dedicated and powerful assistance of your brainpower. So, how you perform, depends largely on the state of your brain. Hence, the psychologists always advise to ensure a healthy brain to polish up your thought process.

It’s no rocket science to hone up your brain power. In fact, there are some really simple steps by which you can sharpen up your thoughts by a great extent. Here are the tips for you.

  1. An active body

A lot of people don’t understand but an active body holds the key to an active & sharp brain. Studies have been carried out to chalk out the connection between body & mind and according to researchers less active a person is, lesser is his brain power.

An active lifestyle enhances blood circulation throughout the body and energizes the brain to think stronger & deeper. It does not mean you have to burn sweat like insane; just a daily 20 minutes of brisk walking would be fine to keep you sharp.

  1. Organize the data

Your brain loves order & it gets tougher for it to remember things if there is severe lack of order. Thus, you must take time out to organize the needed data so that it gets easier to recall in a proper meaningful way. More complex is the subject matter, more important is the organization.

  1. Challenge yourself

This is one of the most important things when it comes to sharpen up your thoughts. If you are too much into playing safe & keeping the brain in comfort zone, you would soon be losing out on your mental edge.

The brain gets lazy in too much of comfort and hence you have to stimulate it from time to time with new challenges. So, never be scared of plunging on the new projects or campaigns in your company.

  1. Brain exercises

There are some typical exercises that supply the needed stimulation to your brain which in turn helps to hone up your thought process. It could be solving a maze or a crossword puzzle or a game of scrabble.

You can even take to your high school math book for a practice session as math problem solving is one of the best exercises to stimulate your brain power. The main point here is to keep your brain proactive, energized and alert.

  1. Read well

The more you read, better would be your thought process and perception. So, develop a reading habit and take an interest in reading whatever falls on your hand. It could be a magazine or the daily paper or a book or some journals and so on.

You have to nourish your brain with information from various sources which will help it to develop a rational, knowledgeable mindset & perception.

Added to these tips, you should make sure to eat well, stay hydrated and get minimum 8 hours of sleep everyday. The doctors always advise taking to omega-3 fatty acids. Keep calm, stay focused & think great.


Lisa is a Designer by profession but has a love for Creativity and also enjoys writing articles for almost all topics. Career, Web, Social Media and Self Improvement are her Favorite topics. Apart from this she also a great Animal Lover and love to volunteer for few Rescue Centers


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