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Lisa is a Designer by profession but has a love for Creativity and also enjoys writing articles for almost all topics. Career, Web, Social Media and Self Improvement are her Favorite topics. Apart from this she also a great Animal Lover and love to volunteer for few Rescue Centers

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Thoughts Extroverts Have About Introverts You May Have Never Imagined

Extroversion and Introversion are considered to be the core aspects of people’s personalities. Renowned psychologist Carl Jung coined the terms ‘extroverts’ and ‘introverts’ for the first time in his work ‘Psychologische Typen’ in 1920. He distinguished between the two categories … Continue reading

Why People Who Cry Often Are Actually Mentally Stronger

Tears have always been looked down upon as signs of weakness & self-pity. But what many ten to ignore that crying is a natural state of expression while it’s natural for you to rejoice when something good is happening to you, it’s natural that you would cry when you are passing through testing times. Continue reading

5 Simple Yet Important Ways To Sharpen Your Thoughts

Your brain is the controller of everything. Be it engaging in a steaming debate or preparing yourself for your exams or jotting down your first love poem or managing a crisis in office- you would need a dedicated and powerful assistance of your brainpower. Continue reading