5 Simple Habits and Routines to Keep You Away from Depression and Stress

One of the major problems facing today’s generation is depression. Excessive workload, changing lifestyle, loneliness, and financial pressure all lead to stress which results in depression. You feel unhappy, non-productive and withdrawn when you are depressed. 

Many experts believe that establishing routines filled with healthy habits is a great way to move more efficiently through your day while expending less mental energy and even willpower in the process. Following simple routines like exercising, eating the right food, taking energy supplements, meditating, and getting sufficient sleep can help to manage stress and depression. 

Causes of Depression and Stress

There are many causes that can cause stress and depression. Some experts believe that stress and depression can happen as we get old. Here are some of the main causes that can lead to stress and depression:

·       Stressful events – We go through many stressful events, such as work-related pressure, personal problems, and relationship breakdown. All of these events can trigger stress which can lead to depression. Talking about these issues can help to relieve stress. 

·       Loneliness – Being cut out can cause a feeling of loneliness. A lack of social life can also lead to depression. Spending time with friends and family or joining a support growth can help you to feel better. 

·       Bad lifestyle – Drowning your sorrows with alcohol is not a solution to your problem. Many people make lousy lifestyle decisions like excess alcohol and smoking, which can result in a spiral of depression.  

·       Financial Problems – Many people go through financial problems. It causes stress, which can affect blood pressure. While financial issues are not easy to solve, seeking help regarding stress and depression can help to manage them successfully. 

Symptoms of Depression and Stress

Identifying the right symptoms for stress and depression is not as simple as it sounds. These are both psychological conditions which may not present right away. There aren’t some tests that you can perform to figure out exactly how much stress someone is in. Having said that, let’s try and understand some of the symptoms of depression and stress.

·       Decrease energy and insomnia – Prolonged stress can cause chronic fatigue and disruptions in sleep, which may result in a lack of energy. Sleep depression can lead to a condition called insomnia. A lack of sleep can disturb mental health. Look for signs of fatigue and lack of energy.

·       Loss of interest – Depression and stress can take the joy out of things that you love. If you find yourself losing interest in things you love, this could be a sign of increased stress and depression. 

·       Anxiety – A classic sign of stress and depression is anxiety. Feeling anxious can increase heart rate, heavy sweating and rapid breathing. 

·       Digestive issues – Stress has been found to be associated with causing digestive issues. This could lead to constipation, heartburn, diarrhea, as well as digestive disorders. There are other factors that also lead to digestive problems such as diet, bacteria, infections, and certain medications, so don’t be quick to jump to conclusions.

5 Simple Habits and Routines to Keep You Away from Depression and Stress

·       Exercise 

Everyone associates exercise with bodybuilding and fitness, but many people do not know that regular exercise can also help to manage stress and depression. Regular exercise helps to have a positive impact on moods. There are multiple physical activities that can help you to manage stress and depression. Activities like yoga, stretching, morning run, or sports are helpful in staying active.

Fitness helps to stay healthy. Staying healthy helps to reduce stress. Less stress leads to not having depression. Whether you can spend 20 min or one hour, make exercise a routine. You will observe the positive benefits of exercise in managing stress and depression.

·       Healthy Diet 

When asked what is the best habit to develop in order to manage stress and depression, many experts recommend a healthy diet. Eating healthy can have multiple health benefits, such as controlling blood sugar levels, managing hormones, boosting immunity, and nourishment. Eating junk or unhealthy food can have an adverse effect on health which can lead to stress. 

Making a habit of eating healthy food is good for avoiding stress and depression. You can also include health supplements to bridge the nutrition gap. Including lots of vegetables and fruits is ideal for getting all the essential nutrients that the body needs. You can even prepare a diet plan which can make it easier to form a habit. 

·       Meditation 

Doing meditation early in the morning has proven to be helpful in reducing stress and depression. Even 15 min of meditation can have a significant benefit on your stress levels. Meditation helps you channel your energy throughout the day to stay focused and motivated. 

The most popular way to meditate is to close your eyes and focus on your breaths. This helps to control blood pressure, thus reducing stress. 

·       Hydration 

Staying hydrated is an excellent habit to avoid stress. Dehydration can affect cognitive function negatively. Dehydration also causes fatigue, symptoms of low mood, irritability and confusion. Make a habit of drinking water early in the morning, as you are a little dehydrated when you wake up. 

While hydration alone cannot help to cure the signs of depression and anxiety, it will certainly help to manage your energy levels which will keep you upbeat throughout the day. 

·       Limit the use of technology

It is hard to imagine our life without the latest technology and devices. We are so dependent on technology that we use it for almost every daily function. This brings its challenges. Many experts have linked the use of a smartphone to an increase in stress and anxiety that lead to depression. 

Although it seems difficult, limiting the use of technology is vital to avoid stress and depression. Reducing the time on social media platforms can have positive benefits on your mental health. Make it a habit to spend only limited time on these platforms. Allot a certain number of hours to the use of technology daily and stick to it. You will see the stress levels go down dramatically.

Every good change happens through good habits. Stress and depression are serious issues affecting people, so developing good habits and routines can help long and stress-free. 


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