Monthly Archives: December 2015

9 Steps to Creating Self-Awareness

The path to self-improvement starts with self-awareness – the ability to have a clear understanding of your personality, strengths, values, weaknesses, motivations and emotions. Continue reading

7 Reasons Being Rejected Improves Your Life

I grew up in a community where going to college is a dream instead of an expectation.

Through hard work and luck, I completed my dream of graduating college debt-free last May.

It took me 283 rejections to get there. Continue reading

Why Christmas is (Unknowingly) Making You Unhappy

Ahh Christmas. The time of year when we lie to our children, put on an average of 4lb between the 25th December and New Year and pay for numerous gifts and meals with money we don’t have. Continue reading

5 Simple Tactics to Never Let People Intimidate You Again

Stressful, isn’t it?
Dealing with people who intimidate you.
It can be as nerve-wracking as a job interview, or even speaking in public. And, unless you do something about it, it’s always there at the back of your mind, a constant worry. Continue reading

How to Cope With the Stress of the Christmas Season

Does that mean your holiday should be spent holed up on an unknown island where you will spend 23 hours a day sleeping? Of course not! Below are eight ways we can cope with the stress that comes with the Christmas season. Continue reading

5 Tasks Every Successful Entrepreneur Offloads

You’re an expert in what you do best – your business. There’s no point wasting time and effort trying to understand the nuances of tax, web design or social media to better your business, so consider bringing in some outside … Continue reading