5 Tasks Every Successful Entrepreneur Offloads

You’re an expert in what you do best – your business. There’s no point wasting time and effort trying to understand the nuances of tax, web design or social media to better your business, so consider bringing in some outside help.

The most successful entrepreneurs delegate specific tasks to freelancers or specialist companies, to help them utilise their time more efficiently.

So, here are five tasks you should outsource to an expert.

  1. Taxes and accounting

No successful entrepreneur does their own taxes. It’s a time consuming and complex process that only gets worse as your business grows. Hire a professional accountant with specialist knowledge of the startup space to balance your books, offer advice and help your business grow.

  1. Web development and graphic design

Building a brilliant brand is a key requirement to building a business. Whether you want a new logo, eye-catching website or some standout stationery, a professional designer will make your business look it’s very best. Many graphic design agencies also have in-house web developers to make sure your site functions technically.

  1. Social media and writing

Once the website is looking professional, you will need some equally effective words to provide some context. High-quality and SEO-friendly blog posts, website copy, newsletters, case studies, whitepapers and marketing materials can all be produced by a professional freelance writer. A good writer will also provide the copy for your social media profiles to provide a consistent and punchy message across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on.

  1. Virtual Admin

If you do not want to sift through your inbox every morning, consider using a Virtual Administrative Assistant (VA) to streamline this frustrating process and reduce your email noise. A VA can also do other clerical and secretarial tasks including making travel arrangements or scheduling appointments.

  1. Online research

Entrepreneurs are experts in their chosen industry – but they do not have the time to keep up with every latest development. A web researcher can do the heavy lifting by, for example, gathering information for a presentation or researching prospective leads.

By following these five steps, your productivity and time management will increase, and ultimately so will your overall business’ performance.


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