Monthly Archives: December 2015


Why Happiness Comes Before Success

You might already know dopamine is the “happiness” hormone; it’s release in the body is caused by positive emotions, laughter, good food, and things of that nature. Continue reading


3 Signs That You’re Hanging Onto Something Toxic

When is it time to let go? Or more specifically, how do we know when to stop doing things that don’t contribute to our long-term plans? Continue reading

Why People Who Cry Often Are Actually Mentally Stronger

Tears have always been looked down upon as signs of weakness & self-pity. But what many ten to ignore that crying is a natural state of expression while it’s natural for you to rejoice when something good is happening to you, it’s natural that you would cry when you are passing through testing times. Continue reading

5 Prime Blockers To Developing Confidence

On the surface, it may appear that confident people never make mistakes and know what to do in any given situation. But when I started to pay close attention to the actions of someone I perceived as confident, I realized just how many times they failed during a single day. Continue reading

7 Tips to Find Time To Exercise When You’re Busy

Do you seek a more active lifestyle, but you’re hard-pressed for time because of work and family? How many times have you sat on your office chair simply idling and surfing the web, when you’ve wished you could be outside working out? Continue reading

6 Surprising Reasons to Welcome Failure

For most of us failure’s shameful, embarrassing, and even scary. Maybe it means you don’t have what it takes. Maybe this dream isn’t meant to be. What if everyone’s laughing or judging? Continue reading