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Introducing The Year Of Wellness!!

What is The Year Of Wellness? It can be overwhelming to understand all it takes to “live well,” especially while balancing all that is life. We have tried to create the perfect way to treat yourself and bring the focus back to you. r

The One App I Need To Feel More Balanced & Calm

Being at the helm of an active self-development blog, I get sent a lot of press releases for the newest goal-setting apps, books that claim to reduce stress, and patented ‘self help’ techniques to help calm anxiety. r

The 3 Surprising Things That Cause Short-Term Memory Loss

Memories are a funny thing, aren’t they? Sometimes our minds can recall the most intricate details of an event that happened 10 years ago. Other times, we can’t remember where we put our phone 10 minutes ago. r

9 Ways To Make The Most of Every Single Day

By simply taking the time to start your day right every morning and implementing a simple framework into your routine to make the most out of your time, you will not only be able to get more done, but enjoy the process along the way – which, after all, is the key to a fulfilling life. r

Top 3 Teachers That Will Help You Live With More Joy and Awaken the Heart

How can the rest of us achieve more joy, self-love and abundance without having to spend thousands of dollars going to remote Asian monasteries or spend hours in meditation? r

The Importance of WELLth not Wealth: A Review

In his new book, WELLth: How I Learned To Build A Life, Not A Résumé, Jason Wachob, the visionary founder of – one of my favorite sites on the web – has outlined a new mantra for living well. r