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3 Little-Known Benefits of Gratitude That Naturally Boost Confidence

That’s where it’s at, right? That effortless ease some others have. You know, they seem to glide through their day, deftly juggling all kinds of awkward  situations. Getting on. Getting ahead. Looking good. Doing great. But how do they do … Continue reading

Is This One Critical Mistake Crippling Your Confidence?

Have you tried all the standard advice on how to be more confident, more self-assured? And have all your efforts actually left you less confident, less self-assured? Continue reading

10 Social Hacks That’ll Save You From Any Awkward Situation

We’ve all experienced it.

We’ve all worried about starting up a one to one conversation at a party and coming across as weird or pushy. We’ve all fretted about walking up to someone and being rejected. Continue reading

10 Simple Steps To Boost Your Confidence In 10 Minutes A Day

I tried a lot of methods for boosting confidence out there, but good though they were, they mostly seemed to be dealing piecemeal with the problem. What I needed was a confidence building routine that once sorted, would be easy, quick and effective. Continue reading

21 Ways to Stop Regretting the Life You Didn’t Have And Live The Life You Want Now

You can create that life you dream of right now — without a time machine.

21 Ways to Stop Regretting the Life You Didn’t Have Continue reading

23 Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Your Imperfections

Is your inner critic as mean as mine used to be?

If so, you’ve got a super cruel voice berating you day after day. Continue reading