The ABCs of Millionaire Motivation

Here are the 26 letters to your future success!

A – Alignment of Actions to Achieve Record-Breaking Miracles – Your daily action is what you do every single day. Do your daily actions move you closer to the achievement of your goals and dreams or pull you further away from them? Every single action that you take somehow impacts your ability to achieve success. If your daily action, or lack of action, does not align with the achievement of record-breaking miracles in every area of your life, then get refocused and commit to take action that will produce the results that you desire.

B – Build a Bullet-Proof Belief Structure – If you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your ultimate Why in life, then there’s absolutely no way that you will reach the level of success that you desire. You must build a bullet-proof boundary around your belief so the enemy (naysayers, bad habits, fear, etc.) can’t plant seeds of doubt that will ultimately destroy your belief. Develop a rock-solid belief structure, and there’s nothing that can stop you!

C – Consistently Conscious and Clear – Commit to be consistently conscious and clear of what you are doing each and every day to build a record-breaking future. Your actions must be deliberate and scheduled. You can’t just fly by the seat of your pants and expect to achieve massive success. Invest in a paper planner and a whiteboard so that you can write down your daily schedule and stay laser-focused on the achievement of your goals and dreams.

D – Disciplined Deliberate Decisions – You must be disciplined enough to make deliberate decisions about your success. It will take personal discipline to make decisions that support your success instead of hinder it. Being disciplined and deliberate about your decisions will catapult you to the next level of success in your life and business.

E – Encouraging Environment – Your environment will either empower you to stay focused on success or keep you stuck in mediocrity. Your office, car, construction zone, or wherever you build your business every day must keep you focused on your Why in life and why you do what you do every day. Surround yourself with photos of your family, your Why card, charities, or basically anything that gets you fired up to achieve your goals and to stop at nothing until you do.

F – Ferociously Focused – In our current society, we are constantly tempted by distractions like cellphones, the internet, TV, and even other people. It takes seconds for someone or something to grab your attention and get you completely distracted for hours. You have no time to waste! Commit to being ferociously focused on your goals and dreams every day and delete the distractions from your life.

G – Gradual Growth – There are no successful shortcuts to success. Taking those shortcuts may give you temporary gratification, but not long-term results. Commit to gradual growth and commit to a two to five year process; gradually releasing the old you, excuses that are holding you back, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. This is not an overnight process! Don’t set yourself up for disappointment with shortcuts. Commit to growing gradually and enjoying results that will last forever.

H – Habits – A habit is a behavior pattern that gets developed over time. Your habits will predict your future, good or bad. It’s important that your habits empower you to keep improving, growing, and learning. If your habits don’t support you on your success journey, then it’s time to change some of our behavior patterns to create new habits that will guarantee record-breaking results.

I – Influences – You must commit to understanding how your influences in life impact your ability to achieve success. Who or what is influencing you behind the scenes? Do those influences suck the life out of you or empower you to achieve your goals and dreams? Your influences will eventually show up in your life-results, so make the decision now to eliminate the influences out of your life that are keeping you stuck.

J – Just Take Action – Yes, it’s that easy! Just take action already. Stop over-analyzing and giving yourself even more excuses to stay in your comfort zone. Just take action! Every action starts with an idea and ends with you moving forward with that idea in some way. Once again, just take action! Continuing to think about it will not get you closer to the achievement of your goals and dreams.

K – Kick the Chicken – There’s a story of a farmer tying the feet of chickens and laying them in the back of the truck to take them to the market. When the farmer unties their feet, they don’t move, because they still think that they are being held down. The farmer actually has to give the chickens a little kick to get them back on their feet. Have you been held down so long in life that you just stay down and don’t even try to get up? You must kick the chicken in your life! You are free so get up and go after your goals and dreams!

L – Long-Term – You must be committed long-term to yourself, your family, and your Why. As I always say, start locally and then go globally. Cement your commitment within yourself, your family, and the areas of your life that you participate in every day first and then expand your vision. Remember, it’s long-term so you must have a rock-solid foundation for many years to come.

M – Monumental & Massive – You have a God-given right to achieve monumental, massive, prosperous success in every area of your life – physically, emotionally, financially, and socially. You were not born to live in mediocrity, be broke, sick, or lonely. Your birth certificate gives you the absolute right to achieve monumental, massive success in every area of your life. You were born a Champion so start living like one!

N – Never – You must commit to NEVER quit on your goals and dreams. The word “quit” shouldn’t even be part of your vocabulary or an option in any area of your life. Plus, Champions don’t quit! Losers quit. That sounds harsh, but you and I both know it’s true. I don’t believe you are a loser so there’s absolutely no way you should quit on anything in your life. Most of the time when people quit, they don’t know that the achievement of their goals and dreams is right around the corner…they just can’t see it! Don’t let that be you! You are a Champion!

OObstacles: We all have obstacles in our life that distract us, usually on a daily basis. However, you must learn how to use these obstacles to drive you rather than frustrate you and keep you from taking action. Overcoming obstacles builds character and is part of your story of triumph. Keep forging forward and never give up!

P – Pleasantly Persistent: Yes, it’s possible to be persistent in your business especially following up with your customers without being annoying and overbearing. Don’t be that person! Stay focused on your mission of marketing, your ethical product or service, and providing extreme customer service to your customers, and your persistence will be well received. This is much different than just constantly trying to push your products and services. Commit to be pleasantly persistent and represent yourself as the Champion that you are inside and out.

Q – Question Yourself: A key strategy to finding out if you are doing all that you can do to achieve the level of success that you desire in your life and business, is to question yourself. Start by asking yourself basic questions like, “What action am I taking every day toward the achievement of my goals and dreams?” or “Am I laser-focused or constantly distracted throughout my day?” Don’t get overwhelmed by this. Just start with one question per day that will keep you focused and hold you responsible for your daily progress.

R – Reflection: You are a direct reflection today of your decisions yesterday. Basically stated, whatever you do today will show up tomorrow. It’s inevitable so keep that in mind with every decision that you make. One of my top quotes is “What you do behind the scenes will predict your scenery.” Take a look around at your scenery. Do you like what you see? If not, commit today to changing your daily decisions and set yourself up for an amazing future.

S – Stand: Life is constantly trying to knock us down, but the good news is that as long as we can look up, we can stand up and take charge of our lives. When the enemy of fear, doubt, and procrastination attacks you, stand faithfully for your Why in life. Say affirmations like, “Never again will I retreat when the enemy of fear tries to steal my dreams.” Stand in faith and speak words of affirmations that empower you to keep going. If you are saying that’s cheesy and are embarrassed to do affirmations, then you don’t want to achieve your dream bad enough. I’m sure getting knocked down a few more times by the enemy will change your mind.


T – Time: As the old adage says, “Time will always tell its tale.” Remember this when it seems like nothing you do behind the scenes is producing the results that you desire. Just like the bamboo, it might take a couple of years for the seeds that you’ve planted to break ground, but when they do, there’s no stopping you! Keep faithfully planting seeds and taking daily actions toward the achievement of your goals and dreams. Your future is going to be absolutely phenomenal!

U – Understand: It’s time to understand that you were born a champion, and you have a responsibility outside of yourself, your family, and business. You have a responsibility to strive for no less than excellence in everything that you do and change lives worldwide through your giving. Sometimes, we get so caught up in ourselves and what we want in life that we forget that there’s a whole world out there that needs us and our talents. Champion, start taking responsibility today and figure out how you can change the world one life at a time.

V – Vision: As quoted in ancient wisdom, “Without a vision, you will perish.” No, you likely will not physically die, but without a vision of where you want to go and what you want to be in life, there’s no way that you can achieve it. Your dream will remain trapped inside of your heart and never see the light of day. Write a Why card and lay out your vision. If you don’t know where to start, email and we will send you a sample Why Card. This will serve as a road map that will guide you down your success path.

W – Willing: To be successful in life and business, you must be willing to step out of the crowd that has kept you comfortable all of these years and move forward on your own. Don’t be concerned what others say about you or what you are doing. Being criticized by naysayers is part of being successful. Stand up and be willing to be different and take different paths in life that will ultimately lead to the achievement of your goals and dreams.

X – Xray: We’ve all seen the x-rays of the human body that give us an inside look at what’s really going on. Similarly, you must be willing to take an x-ray of your life and be honest with yourself about what’s holding you back. It may be painful to look at those areas of your life, especially if what’s holding you back are your associations, but it’s time for you to examine those cracks in your foundation that are causing it to constantly crumble. Imagine a surgeon looking at an x-ray and examining it closely to choose the right action to correct the injury. You must do the same thing. Take necessary action to get rid of the things holding you back so you can finally move forward.

Y – Yearning: There’s a champion inside your heart yearning to get out and take charge of your life. Many times, people are too afraid to release their inner champion and go after what they really want. Don’t keep your champion trapped and longing for the life that you know you were meant to live. Take a deep breath, ignore the fear holding you back, forget what everyone around you is saying, and allow the champion inside of you to go after your goals and dreams like a roaring lion.

Z – Z-Out: When I worked in my family art gallery, I had to z-out the credit card machine every day to see our financial numbers and how we did for that particular day. You must do the same thing at the end of your day. Of course, not a physical z-out, but mentally consider everything you did that day and determine your results. This is daily accountability that will help you see what you accomplished that day and also what you still need to continue to work on. I also recommend to journal your daily accountability, because when you write something down, you internalize it. Commit to your daily z-out so that you can stay focused on your long-term goals.

Thank you for investing your time in reading The ABCs of Motivation. Remember, motivation is not a positive attitude, smiling, and being all fired up when convenient, it’s part of what you do every day to empower yourself to keep going, never quit, and ultimately achieve your goals and dreams. You are a Champion, and I believe in you!


Your High-End Business Consultant and Strategic Business Coach…

John Di Lemme

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