7 Surprisingly Simple Keys to Happiness and Success

Do you know how many thoughts you think on a daily basis?

And that most of them are of the ‘worrying’ kind?

If we leave our ‘brain alone’ it’ll overwhelm us with negative thoughts.

Psychologists have discovered that more than 60-70% of what we think is discouraging, ‘mental chatter’.

Thoughts like:

  • “Oh, others are more successful than me.”
  • “Look how happy they are – it’s just not happening to me.”

And so on.

As long as we don’t change our thoughts, we spin on a downward spiral..

Conscious thoughts leading towards a goal in life, and taming the ‘monkey mind’ (as the Buddhists say) are the key to happiness and success.

How do I know? Well I had to experience it to understand it.

I was a very famous actor in Germany, living the ‘red carpet’ life, believing I had everything you could wish for.

But actually, I was deeply unhappy.

After 40 years in the industry, I decided to find out how I could truly be happy, and locked myself away for a four-month  ‘retreat’ in a flat with no electricity. My goal was to find out how I can be truly happy.

The book, ‘The Desire Code, 7 Keys to Happiness and success’, was born.

DC Cover 3D

Easy–to-read, simple, thought-turning ways to show you how you can turn your life around. Just as I did.

There is one secret behind it: Don’t just read them! Be active! Do it! Pick the brain and shape it the way you want it!

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Key 1 – Just start!

It’s easier to approach this in a playful way by beginning with things of less significance.

Energy follows attention, so focus on positive things.

Train your brain for success by achieving small goals. Your brain’s reward system will remember that and become ‘addicted’ to success – and reward.

Step by step you can reach towards higher goals.

Key 2 – Get the wording right

Observe your words! Listen to what you’re saying. Use language that leads to happiness rather than reinforces current struggles.

Don’t talk about your lack of confidence, about your lack of success or your doubts. It creates a feeling of being a ‘loser’, which you’re clearly not. You just think you are one. Change your thoughts, change your life.

By focusing on your goal, focus on want you ‘want’, not want you ‘don’t want’.

“You must ask for what you really want, don’t go back to sleep.” – Rumi.

Key 3 – Thanking

Need your daily dose of the ‘Happiness Hormones’ dopamine and serotonin?

Well, forget your pill – use gratitude instead.

Neuroscientists know that gratitude boosts both of these neurotransmitters.

Being thankful activates the brain stem region that produces dopamine. Gratitude towards others even increases activity in social dopamine circuits, so you enjoy being among others more.

Thanking invites us to reflect on things in our lives that are going well. This causes them to multiply, because we feed them even more energy which eliminates doubts and worries.

Thanking also confirms our belief that the wish will be carried out. Just as in everyday life, we give thanks only for things that have already been confirmed: “Thank you for doing that for me.

Key 4 – Convince the mind

These Keys are capable of bringing you incredible success but there’s often a part of our mind that refuses to believe it, so we must convince it with evidence.

In 1933, physicists Marie and Pierre Curie observed how ‘matter’ can be created out of ‘nothing’. They discovered that energy can be transformed into matter. Energy can be guided – using the power of our thought.

Our thoughts are like a laser gun, whose energy beam can be focused on one point. Similarly, the power of our thoughts guides the energy that’s always available everywhere, causing it to condense in a specific form.

Energy follows attention. What we think materializes and we become. Success attracts more success, and happiness attracts more happiness.

Key 5 – Have faith instead of doubts

We constantly believe in something. There is no objective ‘truth’ we can rely on.

‘Doubt’ is just a thought. No more, no less. There is no evidence to suggest it will happen.

By doubting, we get in our own way. Thinking that “this isn’t going to work” is actually a very strong conviction and, as a result, we experience precisely this limitation.

How about changing your mind?

Have faith! Believe in your success! For at least 3 weeks– this is the period of time, according to neuroscience findings, that our brain needs to create new circuits (and get rid of the “not used” ones). YEAH!  There is hope!

Key 6 – Be open to ‘coincidences’

“There are no coincidences.” Of course not! There is just “synchronicity”.

We often don’t see the field of possibilities around us, because our perceptual filter is limited to our previous experiences.

Open up to countless possibilities – and you will experience almost ‘miraculous’ opportunities.

When we stay alert and keep our ears open, we get all the information we need. And the surest means of that happening is through our intuition.

Key 7 – Discover your true great wishes

Don’t waste your time and energy chasing  a goal you don’t really want from the bottom of your heart.

Forget all the ‘plans and wishes’ the people around you want to see you in.

Whose life are you living – theirs or yours?

Find out your deepest desire – that’s the only way to happiness and success.

These 7 Keys will support you on the most exciting journey of your life!



“You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.”

― Upanishads

A bestselling author with more than 60 titles published in 11 countries and sales of more than 3 million, Pierre Franckh lectures around the world and hosts sold-out seminars. He is also a motivational coach and inspirational speaker with numerous clients in the business world, as well as doctors, psychologists, and complementary health professionals.

More than 325,000 people have successfully changed their lives as a result of his work.

He lives in Munich and London with his wife, Michaela Merten, a bestselling author and coach, and their daughter, Julia.



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