Monthly Archives: February 2016

25 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 50

I do everything I can to surround myself with older mentors and teachers who are some of the happiest, most fulfilled, and successful people I know (in every aspect of life— health, wealth, love). Continue reading

5 Reasons People Who Struggle Are Actually Stronger Individuals

There is nothing weak about soldiering on in your struggles. It does not make you any less fragile than anyone else and in fact I argue that it makes you stronger. Find out why in the points below: Continue reading

10 Tips to Use Social Media for Motivation (Instead of Procrastination)

Most of us are well aware that social media browsing is a huge time suck. The more we friend and follow other users, the more we seemingly tend to suffer from FOMO (the fear of missing out). Continue reading

How To Make the Most Out Of Your Free Time

How you spend your free time can be challenging though. There is so much you want to do, things you want to try, endeavors you want to continue but you don’t know how to start Continue reading

The Dirty Truth Behind Finding Passion, Meaning, and Purpose In your Life

Don’t be bummed out that there’s no one special path to follow or big dream to chase.

The reality is, any direction your life goes down can be just as bright and meaningful as the next. Continue reading

10 Quotes To Help You Live an Authentic Life

The ‘baby boom’ era is dead and the 20th century finished 16 years ago. Most of us are aware that becoming a ‘success’ in societies terms is not necessarily going to leave us feeling fulfilled. Continue reading