How To Make the Most Out Of Your Free Time

We love our free time. And probably most things that come with the word free.  The thought is after hours of hard work you get a few hours for yourself without having to worry about work or school.   How you spend your free time can be challenging though. There is so much you want to do, things you want to try, endeavors you want to continue but you don’t know how to start. Here are ways you can make the most out of your free time

Plan Your Free Time

Everything works well with a plan.  The first step to enjoying your free time is to have a plan first. You can list all the things you want to try. Bookmark all the posts you want to read. Check out reviews for the places you want to go to. Think of all the activity and endeavors you may want to try before the week is over. Planning is a great way to keep you hyped and also to prepare for the activity you have in mind.

Do Some Volunteer Work

Maybe you want to do something different for a change. A work that’s not also interesting but also inspiring? For me the best way to spend free time into purposeful and meaningful work is to use it to serve others. You can try serving for charities, volunteering for community work or any activity that’s primary intentions is to help and better humanity. There are many ways you can look for these opportunities. You can try the daily paper, the internet or the radio.

Research and Learn New Things

Learning can become tiresome when it’s filled with restrictions, deadlines and fears. This is the usual case in our schools, universities or jobs. Most college professors make reading materials more of a task rather than an experience to learn something. Instead of getting psyched up, most students tend to resort to laziness and bunk the whole reading work instead. But when we do learning on our free time, and in our own accord we give ourselves more freedom to hone our knowledge and to really read about the things that intrigue us to our core.

Spend Time With Your Pets

Pets make great companions. Our furry friends that are always there for us in our happy and sad moments help us like life a little more. Dogs in particular, help reduce anxiety, stress and has been used to treat many damaging effects of loneliness.

Chat and Hang Out With Friends

Your week’s not going to turn out great if you don’t take time to catch up with old friends and people you care about. It can also be time to make new connections, and further relationships with acquaintances. It can be as simple as lunch, going to the movies, or playing bowling together.

Write in Your Journal

There are many benefits to writing. Emotional benefits that help you reflect on your life particularly in your relationships and your thoughts. When you reread your journal writings, you also learn more about yourself. I’ve kept a diary all through my high school days and rereading it to relive my experience actually opened a lot of things about me.

Go Gardening

Spend time digging into dirt, planting a seed and watching it grow into a plant. Growing your own produce is not only convenient; it’s also a great way to enjoy nature in your free time. If you’re spending the lot of your days glued in your computer or cell phone, gardening is a refreshing way to make use of your time.

Time is irreversible. As much as we’d like we can never go back in time and change our ways. The things you do now will shape your future.  The best way to spend time is to live in the present moment. To exist in the now. To never cease thinking of the present, and minimize dwelling on the past and future.

What other tips can you share to help readers make most of their free time?


Armela Escalona is a blogger, digital marketer and content editor at Scoopfed.  She writes for business in various industries such as as tech, health, fitness and real estate. At present, she is helping people find and sell properties through Send her a tweet @ArmelaE


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