5 Reasons People Who Struggle Are Actually Stronger Individuals

Struggles have always been looked back in negative remorse and is usually associated with being weak. But what many tend to ignore is that these tough experiences are natural parts of our lives and that these moments help us grow. It is natural to experience good moments in your life and also natural to experience bad moments in your life.

There is nothing weak about soldiering on in your struggles. It does not make you any less fragile than anyone else and in fact I argue that it makes you stronger. Find out why in the points below:

They Are Experienced 

Each moment has moulded them and they come out a stronger person physically and mentally. Think of how a muscle is strengthened; it is put through constant strain and eventually rebuilds. Through struggle they learn how to optimally think, breath, and deal with stressful situations. They have felt different perspectives in life and have built resistance to hardship. The only way to build experience against struggle is to go through struggle. This is why having that experience is a strength.

They Are Able To Inspire and Encourage Others

Being able to motivate and inspire others is a great strength. It is a powerful way of giving value to others. People naturally look towards others whom are experienced. Struggle is interesting and people can’t help but give their attention to those whom have struggled. Everyone wants to know the secret to getting overcoming adversity and they want to hear from someone who’s been through it. People who struggle can empower others by becoming leaders and becoming mentors to others going through the same situations. They would offer value in return for yours and this makes the ability to inspire powerful.

They Can Remain Cool Calm and Unaffected

Sudden changes don’t phase these individuals because they know that life can throw anything at them. What keeps them calm is the fact that know that they can get through it with confidence. Each struggle has prepared them to go through life with ease. Similar to how fear is minimised through constant exposure the same can be said for struggle. Being able to remain calm in high stress situations is a strong trait and can only be developed by going through struggle. 

Struggles Spark a Sense of Urgency

In the current age there are countless stories of people going from rags to riches. Names that come to mind include Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, John D. Rockefeller, and Richard Branson. Struggle forces people to take action and these acts of desperation can pave the way to one’s goals and dreams. When one desperately wants to survive and thrive they create remarkable feats. This desperation and motivation to survive is a strength that not everyone can experience.

Find The Beauty in Life

Being able to find beauty and joy in undesirable situations is a gift and strength. Each experience is paint for the canvas they call life. They know they can be happy at any moment in their lives and use it to their advantage. Most people are chasing for things such as money, fame, and power. They think that these things can bring them happiness and joy, but those things only provide temporary relief. People who struggled and lived without these things know that love, family, and friendship is more important and healthy for the soul.

Everyone struggles, it is as inevitable as breathing. Though this may be true, there are those whom struggle more than others. Struggles forge stronger people, any success that is worthwhile is built through struggle. Hold your head up high and soldier on!


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