Why Refusing To Acknowledge Your Inner Potential Is Dangerous

Did you know that refusing to acknowledge your inner potential sets you up to be fooled? It was Soren Kierkegaard that said:

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

Yes, it is true that you have more power and inner potential than you are currently using. Refusing to acknowledge this is a dangerous road you should desist from plying. Also, believing that your refusing to acknowledge your inner potential is humility or wisdom is akin to delusion. Both scenarios are dangerous and can lead you into the following:

1. Underachievement

There are more failure stories than there are successes in modern life today because the minds of many have been beclouded by the pressure of doing just enough to survive. Many are trapped in jobs they don’t like because they have refused to acknowledge their inner potential to develop better skills set to create or get a better job.

Imagine if President Barrack Obama had refused to acknowledge his inner potential to become America’s first black president, perhaps he would have underachieved relative to his inner potential—ended his political career at the senate level.

There’s always a next level in life and your getting there begins with acknowledging your inner potential.

Be it in business, academics, family or relationship life, refusing to acknowledge your inner potential can turn you into a perpetual underachiever. Don’t let good spoil your great, you’ve got to acknowledge your inner potential to move beyond mediocrity into excellence.

2.  Poor rewards

Except you are willing to do more than what you already do you may never be phenomenal and can’t attract phenomenal rewards.

If you are not where you think you should be at this moment; if you don’t like your pay cheque; if you feel you are not getting enough from life; that’s what you get for refusing to acknowledge your inner potential.

An elephant that works like an ant will never enjoy the elephant’s size of reward; rather it’ll keep getting the ant’s. Why? This is because the elephant refuses to acknowledge its inner potentials to do the elephant-sized works for the corresponding rewards.

Great people are not born great; they are only born with the inner potential of greatness they acknowledged and maximised.

3. Life of regrets

We can all relate to one incident or the other in our lives where we wished we had done a little more or worked a lot harder. We knew we could do more, we were told we could but somehow we refused to acknowledge this and therefore didn’t do anything about it. That thought there, is regret.

Who wants to go through life like that? Well, that’s what refusing to acknowledge your inner potential can lead you into—the “I-wish-I-did-more” lifestyle.

Imagine if Thomas Edison had stopped at the penultimate trial before the eventuay breakthrough. His last mistake would probably have been corrected by the next scientist and voila, the light bulb shines through. Then, Edison would have regretted refusing to acknowledge his inner potential that he could do more.


Refusing to acknowledge your inner potential is tantamount to losing them and the benefits they could bring if you’d maximise them. You’ve got to realise that you are doing yourself a great disservice by not acknowledging your potentials.

From underachieving to getting less than you deserve and regretting your inactions, not acknowledging your potentials is setting yourself up for a mediocre lifestyle. You have to let the best of you come alive.

How have you been able to acknowledge your inner potential? Please share in the comments.

Diena Diallo is an author and the founder of Diena Simply Natural. As a hair stylist and health coach, she helps women looking for change to feel beautiful about themselves, so they can live confidently through life and stay healthy enough to achieve their dreams. You can register for a free account and grab a copy of her self-help book, The Invisible Seed, where she shares her journey from depression to total self-healing.


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