How We Got Love All Wrong

Our romanticized idea of love made us believe that love is a feeling. That high we experience when we feel we can’t be without the other. When we can’t stop thinking about them. That is an obsession, and the chemical … Continue reading

Why Romanticized Love is Destroying Relationships

Divorce rates are currently at 40-50% in the US and even higher for subsequential marriages. Marriage satisfaction is 58%, so something is not working. What has gone wrong? Love is the top reason for people getting married in the USA. … Continue reading

How To Survive A Worry-Filled COVID Christmas

“I think a vaccine will be ready in December,” he said. “But, I don’t think I would take it as soon as it comes out because it was rushed. So, I’m going to wait for other people to try it … Continue reading

Relationship Advice from a Relationship Coach (in an Imperfect Relationship)

I heard that dreaded bling, and I knew it was not good news. I could feel the tension in my stomach and the messages said, “I don’t think we should be in contact anymore.” I wanted this to work out, … Continue reading

Romantic Relationships: Why You Should Give Online Dating a Try

Romantic relationships may be hard to find, but they can also add three years to your life and provide a lifetime of memories. You’ll be happier, less lonely and can enjoy lower levels of stress by finding someone special. If … Continue reading

Five Rules of Confrontation to Ease that Lockdown Stress

The world is going through a stressful time. Most people are stuck at home, spending more time than ever with family, partners, or roommates, as the case may be. Social distancing guidelines and video calls have changed the way we … Continue reading