From Successful to REALLY Successful in Just 5 Minutes a Day

You do have what it takes to go from successful to REALLY successful–as successful as you want to be, and downright happy–with time to spare.  This article tells you why, and how to use what you already have to get there in just 5 minutes a day!  It starts with you.

Self-love is kind of a big deal these days. A lot of successful people know it’s important to set aside time for themselves, but they just don’t know how to find it. Good news: you don’t have to find time—it’s not hidden. Others just can’t figure out how to make the time they want for themselves. More good news: you don’t have to make time—it already exists!

This is the very issue that keeps successful people a step (or more) behind REALLY successful people. What the REALLY successful people know is that they are in control of time, and their ability to manipulate it stems directly from their willingness to prioritize their own self-love.

Here’s the great news: if you are, or have been, successful, then you absolutely have what it takes to build the self-love you need to be REALLY successful! The best part: everyone has at least been successful at something. You’ve proven by your present or past success that you have will power. Believe it or not, will power and self-love are totally connected—they are in the exact same category. All you need to do is take some of that will power and turn it back in on yourself. Start with as little as five minutes a day. Use your incredibly awesome will power and for five little minutes, every day, be still and think about all the ways you’re blessed and how good you are at what you’re good at. It’s not arrogance—it’s honesty!

Here’s how: Go to a place you’re alone and be sure to put your phone on silent—not vibrate—completely silent. Seriously, let yourself be alone, even if you have to pretend that you need to use the restroom. It’s okay; just sit on the toilet for five minutes. Close your eyes, and with a deep breath, let yourself think about all the things you have going on and every doubt you can come up with about what you’re doing, but on your exhale, let it all go (even if it’s just for the next five minutes). Take another deep breath in, but this time, feel the air coming into your nose and lungs, and as you exhale, feel it leaving. Do that again if you need to, and then let your breath go—simply let yourself breathe without thinking about it—and start to think about all the ways you’re blessed. When your thoughts wander, as they will, bring your attention back to how you’re blessed. When your thoughts wander (again, as they will, again), start thinking about how good you are at what you’re good at, and how others benefit from it. You can switch back and forth between thinking about your blessings and thinking about how good you are at what you’re good at each time your thoughts wander (as they will, every time). Meditation isn’t about your thoughts never wandering. It’s about learning to bring them back when they do. This is a skill that makes life better in all arenas—work, love, play, raising kids—all of it! You deserve these five quick minutes.

It’s so simple, and all you need to do is stop playing victim to time and prioritize yourself, which, if prioritized consistently for only a few weeks, will make you even better at what you’re already good at! You won’t believe how much using your will power to prioritize yourself, even for only five minutes a day, builds your self-love. You’ll be amazed at what more self-love does for your courage, and with courage, you won’t let anything stop you from building the life you dream of living. You can be successful and happy. It doesn’t take one to get the other. You can get both, have both, and keep both all the time.

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