Monthly Archives: March 2016

7 Surprisingly Simple Keys to Happiness and Success

As long as we don’t change our thoughts, we spin on a downward spiral..

Conscious thoughts leading towards a goal in life, and taming the ‘monkey mind’ (as the Buddhists say) are the key to happiness and success. Continue reading

5 Healthy, Practical Ways to Handle Change

Life is change.

Even though we know this on an intellectual level, dealing with uninvited changes can often be a struggle for many people. Continue reading

21 Inspiring Quotes To Launch You Out Of Bed In The Morning

Why is it that a few words put together in a certain order invoke such strong reactions in us?

Is it thanks to history’s greatest authors, philosophers, and orators who are just naturally able to communicate ideas succinctly and vividly? Continue reading

3 Steps To Stay Authentic And Connected

Below I’ve highlighted 3 steps you can start work on today to help you become a more open person, who gives off amazing energy to everyone they meet. Continue reading

3 Opportunities to Expand Your Knowledge And Stop Being Average

The world around us is getting smarter. Technology has expanded to new measures, and this has brought in new ways to take in new information throughout the world. Whether or not you are long into a career after college or just stepping foot into your freshman year, the world requires us to maintain a near-constant flow of information as new ideas arise. Continue reading

10 Steps to Living an Amazingly Wonderful Life

If given the chance, I’m sure all of us would want to live a wonderful, amazing life, right? Yet, many of us have no clue where to even begin. Continue reading