Monthly Archives: October 2015

Compartmentalizing Our Free Will

When we do succeed, it’s often because we manipulate ourselves. We buy pricey gym memberships so we’ll feel we’ve wasted our money if we don’t use them. We hire trainers to push us out of our comfort zones. Continue reading

3 Reasons To Just Stop Trying To Be Happy Already

I know you want to be happy. We all do. Happiness is that very thing we live for or gives our lives meaning. Continue reading

Crush Your Goals: The 5 Essentials for Success

Want to know what YOU should be focusing on in order to crush your goals and reach success? Read on for the crucial essentials. Continue reading

3 Decisions You Should Make TODAY to Take Control of Your Life

Let’s face it, changing can be difficult, but you must if you want to take your power back and be in the driver’s seat of your life. There are three particularly important decisions that you need to make if you want to take the reins in your life. Continue reading

7 Surprising Brain Hacks to Build Enormous Confidence

Are you ever held back by a lack of confidence? Does this prevent you from achieving your goals and becoming ultimately successful? Continue reading

motivating lessons from fantastic salespeople

5 Motivating Lessons From Fantastic Salespeople

I have had the fortune of coming across some really talented & excellent salespeople over my Motivational Speaking career spanning a decade and a half. And they have taught me so much in these years. Continue reading