Monthly Archives: October 2015

15 Things To Start A Better Life With

Here are 15 tips on how to change your life bit by bit and to start enjoying and appreciating what you have. Continue reading

6 Obstacles You Must Overcome to Learn a New Language

Like anything we want to achieve, language learning is a long journey to go through.

Many surveys show that the majority of the reason why people never reach fluency is not because of age, talent, or resources. Continue reading

How to Live a Joyful Life Starting Today

The word that we use so often, but not enough when we’re conversing with our inner self is the key live a joyful life. My father is a no-person. When you ask him a question, his automatic response is no. … Continue reading

The ONE thing you need to know (that the experts won’t tell you) to be Successful

Most personal development experts stick to the tried and tested route when it comes to explaining how to be successful. They’ll give you the version you want to hear. Continue reading

4 Meditation Secrets For People Who Can’t Meditate

If meditation is such an effective (and free!) way to improve your performance as well as your quality of life, why isn’t everybody doing it?

Well, for most of us it’s not so simple. Continue reading

10 Steps That Will Help You To Change Your Life

The ten steps listed here are fundamental thinking changes that you need to make to change your life. Anything less is like spray painting rust. Continue reading