10 Steps That Will Help You To Change Your Life

The ten steps listed here are fundamental thinking changes that you need to make to change your life. Anything less is like spray painting rust. You need to get down deep and scrub out the oxides from your thought processes so that you can re-engineer yourself from the ground up.

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1. Make Your Word The Most Important Thing In Your Life

Do not give your word lightly. Treat giving your word as precious as if you were giving somebody a diamond embedded in solid gold. Make your word the most important thing in your life, so that when you do give it out, you always follow through. If you even have 1% of doubt, then do not give your word and do not say things that you are not going to do. The pressure this relieves from you is enormous if you commit to it.

2. Understand That Lies Are Proof You Are Being Controlled

Do you lie to your boss about why you were off work? Do you lie to your spouse about where you were? Do you lie to your parents about how much money you make? It is because they have control over you in some way or another. A person that is free to be honest is a person that doesn’t allow others to control his or her life or destiny.

3.Remove Negative People From Your Life

Negative people are like oil in a freshwater pond. The impact they have on your life will stick with you for years, and it may stain your personality in a way that is almost impossible to recover from. If you “have” to be around a negative person, then do not allow them to be negative around you.

If that person keeps telling sad stories, then refuse to hear them. If that person gives you negative advice, tell them you will not hear their advice unless it is positive. Do not allow negative people to infect your life.

4. Broccoli Smoothies Will Make Change Your Life
Put fresh or frozen broccoli (defrosted) into a blender, add a little water and lemon juice, blend it up until it is drinkable and then down it in one go before the taste is able to make you throw up. Doing so on a daily basis will improve your health within six weeks, after which it will become more difficult to become sick. It will also give you more energy, speed up your metabolism, and help you lose weight and keep the weight off.

5.Understand That People Do Not Hold Up A Mirror To Themselves

Ever meet somebody that appears angry almost all the time? They seem to have a face and a manner that suggests they are in a bad mood or are easily upset? That person doesn’t know that he or she is coming across that way.

What is worse is that people then treat that person as if he or she is moody or in a bad mood, so that person sees a sea of disgruntled and/or nervous faces, which just amplifies their moody behavior further.

Give people the benefit of the doubt unless they prove otherwise, and do not be offended or hurt when people have angry outbursts at you. It is their own problem and their own issue, so do not be so arrogant as to take it personally.

6. Always Ask What 10-Years-In-The-Future You Would Say

How baby will born in future

How baby will born in future

Life coaches, online gurus, and the rest of the shysters in the Internet are going to tell you to think of the future when you put that extra piece of cake in your mouth, or that cigarette to your lips. But, thinking of the future is pointless because it is too far away to care. Instead, remember what you were like and what you were doing ten years ago and think what you would have said to that person.

Now imagine yourself in ten years in the future, and ask yourself what you would say to yourself today. You may avoid making decisions that are bad for you. Furthermore, if the advice you give yourself ten years from now is the advice you would have given yourself ten years in the past, then it is time for some fundamental life changes.

7 – Learn How To Cope With Anything

“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.” (Rocky Balboa, 2006). You can let the world crush you, or you can make a conscious decision to learn how to cope with anything that the world throws at you. Decide today, will you be a victor or a victim?

8 – Accept That You Are An Addict Because You Feel Helpless

Addiction affects most people at some point in their lives. Most people pull themselves out of it without hitting rock bottom, but if you find that addiction is taking over your life, understand that you are an addict because there is something in your life that is making you feel helpless. Remove the cause of your feelings of helplessness, and then work to find ways of coping that do not involve your addictive act.

9 – Understand That Your Conscience Will Hold You Back
Talk to a 70 year old with a clean conscious and speak to one with a filthy conscious. One will have a sparkle in his or her eye and will look well rested, the other will look whipped. Can you guess which is which?

10 – Treat Others How They Want To Be Treated

They say treat others as you wish to be treated yourself, but who are you to judge? People don’t want to be treated as they treat you, they want to be treated the way they want to be treated.

Think of it this way, when a child runs up to you and tells you that he is Thor, do you disagree with him, or do you play along? That is all you are doing when you treat others how they want to be treated. Is your boss always trying to impose his/her authority to make up for his or her fundamental lack of authority? Treat him/her as if he or she has masses of authority. It is not sincere, but it won’t hurt you unless you let it go too far, so what do you have to lose?

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