Monthly Archives: August 2013

Why Checking In With Yourself Is So Important

How truly connected do you feel to yourself and those around you? If, like me, you love social media, your first instinct will no doubt be: I’m very well connected, thank you very much, I’ve got tons of Facebook friends and thousands of Twitter followers. Continue reading

6 Simple Tips to Be More Mindful in Everyday Life

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend hours a day sitting in a Buddhist monastery to achieve the benefits of meditation. Rather, you can use everyday experiences as opportunities to practice being mindful and connected to the present moment. Continue reading

6 Signs That You Have Developed A Good Habit

How do you know when a good behavior has become a good habit? These six signs can help you distinguish between a promising behavior and a bona fide habit. Continue reading

Forge A Strong Body and End Your Depression!

Depression is a common issue that many individuals have to deal with these days. A constantly fatigued state of mind without knowing where one stands in life. Continue reading

Moral Licensing: How Being Good Can Make You Bad

We are quick to beat ourselves up for our apparent lack of willpower. However, the reason why we struggle so much with self-control is often not some innate weakness of our characters, but our lack of understanding of how our minds work. Continue reading

How To Take Charge of Your Happiness Today

And then it came to me as a revelation. “Happiness cannot be achieved , it can only be practiced.” It is not possible to achieve happiness not for me, not for you , not for anyone else . Continue reading