Monthly Archives: August 2013

Eliminating Energetic Mind Cancers for Productivity & Happiness

An ENERGETIC SPACE OCCUPYING LESION (ESOL) is a term I coined a few years back to illustrate the energetic “cancers” that occupy our mind, take up space on our virtual hard drives and rob us of our ability to be as whole Continue reading

The Smart Way To Handle Failure

If you are a “victim” of failure, your focus becomes your misfortune. You’ll concentrate on how it feels to have failed (lousy). This is a bad idea for two reasons. Continue reading

Forbes Names PickTheBrain on ‘Top 100’ List! So Psyched!

I am beyond thrilled to share that Forbes Magazine has named PickTheBrain on their prestigious, ‘Top 100 Sites For Women, 2013’ list! It goes without saying that this is a tremendous honor. Continue reading

The Importance Of ‘Sexuality Awareness’ For Self Improvement

Your personal growth is highly dependent on your ‘sexuality awareness’. Continue reading

Finding Peace, Self-Love, Freedom and Purpose: The New Celebration of Life

Have you ever wondered or questioned yourself what is the altruistic meaning of life? The notion of underlining what is really the essence of your own purpose in the role of play on this planet? Continue reading

3 Ways to Rebuild Your Life When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

It took me more than a year to piece this together, but I found 3 things that successfully flipped the coin for me – three things that saved me. Continue reading