Forge A Strong Body and End Your Depression!

Depression is a common issue that many individuals have to deal with these days. A constantly fatigued state of mind without knowing where one stands in life.

I personally had an ongoing feeling of loneliness as a child and it carried over into my teenage years. For a few months when I was 15 years old I finally found a group of friends where I felt connected. Then my family moved to Vietnam. There my depression hit me stronger and harder, I had a girlfriend in Vietnam who eventually dumped me. I then decided to turn my life around and live on my terms. I started at the iron and never looked back. Read the full story here.

The gym kept me out of trouble, it stopped me from hanging out with kids who drank and smoke. They weren’t amused about me choosing my personal improvement over them but I kept at it and the results speak for themselves. A good quote that resonates with my situation back then is, “Instead of hanging out on the corner, I’d go to the gym. The gym was in the exact opposite direction from the trouble,” – Mark Wahlberg.

Lifting weights has multiple health benefits, which carry over into a person’s state of mind. Hormonal changes start taking place which elevate one’s mood drastically. Testosterone for example has positive effects on your state of mind (low testosterone is actually a very common cause of depression in men!). Your immune system will also benefit, exercising increases the amount of white blood cells, which is important for healing infections. I personally don’t get ill more than twice a year.

Although it’s external validation, looking better and healthier will make you feel better. The positive attention from other doesn’t hurt and a little ego boost is never a bad thing. A person in better shape and good posture is perceived as more confident, it’s therefore easier to stand out at job interviews as well.

Also people who look stronger get picked on less and are less often victims of robbery. The aggressor in such situations usually looks for weaker victims, it’s your choice to be a victim or to take action.

The secret to self confidence is grinding towards whatever goal you want to achieve and knowing that you strong enough to take on any challenge that stands in your way. Even if you fail, you will still know that you stretched your limits and got tougher just by grinding it out.

That’s why lifting weights and transforming your body is a great place to start your journey to becoming the best you. After I transformed my body, I put forth the same attitude into martial arts, social skills and my job as an author. It works! It’s the same grind all over, it’s all worth it, I did it and you can do it too! If you put the same attitude into battling your depression, you will clean up and be happy.

I strongly encourage everyone to take up weight training whether it’s bodyweight training or even crossfit, any form of exercise will make you a better person, physically, psychologically and spiritually. I can personally vouch for the weight room because that’s where I beat my depression.

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