Monthly Archives: May 2012

Why You Should and Shouldn’t Care About What Others Think of You

You look ahead in your life and just cower at the thought of challenges coming up, as if you already know you’re going to fail. When you meet new people you make a complete fool of yourself, sputtering nonsense from your mouth. When a friend stops talking to you for a day or two, your mind goes crazy with thoughts that perhaps you did something wrong. Continue reading

A Crash Course On Human Motivation

These five motivational mindsets are so powerful because you create their power through your intentions – through your inner visioning of these personal aspects of self. The five are personality, mind, heart, soul and universe. Each one can be fully activated with just a few minutes of inner focus. Here they are. Take a few minutes to see, feel, hear and sense each one’s full power as they surge through your mind, heart and body: Continue reading

5 Timeless Ways to Find Happiness

The only reason I pursued the flashy cars and big mansions was because I craved happiness. I felt that through this material gain I would find happiness and satisfy this hole in my life, but material things were never enough. This change in perspective led me to discover and pursue those things that really did give me happiness. Continue reading

4 Little Steps to Greater Self-Confidence

Do you worry that a lack of self-confidence is holding you back in life? Perhaps you run a small business and you know you could get new clients by going to networking events … but you feel too shy. Maybe … Continue reading

4 Uncommon Ways to Revitalize Your Passion for Living

The fast pace and busyness of our day to day life have buried our passion for living. Most people live without a sense of meaning that makes them come alive!

It is very sad to find that the worst moment of your day is when the alarm rings in the morning for you to wake up and go waste your precious life at a meaningless work.

This post is a wake up call for you to start listening to your heart and find your passion for life. Continue reading

10 Reasons to Keep Learning Once You’re Done With School

There are plenty of fabulous reasons to keep learning new things, regardless of what they are. Forming new connections in your brain doesn’t have to be difficult, though it would certainly be a good idea to make sure it was some of the time. Now, it’s time to go out there and just do it. Continue reading