Monthly Archives: May 2012

Learn to Live Fully: 3 Ways How

Once we regain touch with our authentic self—sometimes called our inner voice—we can begin to dream about how things might be different and take the first steps toward doing what is fulfilling. We are not afraid to dream as children; as adults, however, we grow timid. We let our need for success supplant the need to follow our bliss, calling, passion, or dream. Continue reading

5 Ways to Build Better Relationships With Everyone

Unfortunately, Western culture values individual achievement over personal relationships. We’re good at finding career success but less than stellar at connecting with other people. As a result, our relationships often suffer.

But wouldn’t you love to rekindle the spark you once had with your significant other? Be respected and understood by your friends? Admired for who you are by your family?

If you want to make all these things happen, this post is for you. Here are 5 ways to build better relationships with everyone. Continue reading

How To Use 3 Primary Functions to Empower Effectiveness

This may all sound obvious or simple, but it is not. As you try to balance your life, it is important to remain aware that it is the looping between any two functions that causes most distress.This looping will put up massive resistance to adding awareness and use of a third function. This may be part of the etymology of the expression, “he’s loopy.” Continue reading

How To Succeed by Changing Who You Think You Are

The point of this post is not to discuss your running abilities. But rather to show you that anything is possible if you believe it to be. Witnessing Bannister run the mile in under four minutes allowed for other runners to not only know it is possible to do, but to actually do it themselves. Continue reading

4 Ways to Be Happy

I was standing in the yard covered in sweat and dirt, with a grin on my face. I saw that happiness cannot be the direct goal in itself. Happiness can only be achieved as the result of other actions. One does not wake up in the morning claiming happiness as the day’s goal. Happiness and joy are born from love, compassion and benevolence. Continue reading

The Power of Making Decisions

I hope you understand that everything about and around you is a result of your own decisions. Your whole life is a result of your own decisions. “Decision” is the bridge between your thoughts and your actions.

We make decisions every day. From simple decisions as brushing your teeth to deciding “with or without crème in your coffee.” Everything you do is a result of a decision.

But what is the definition of a “decision” and why is it so important for you to understand this? Continue reading