5 Timeless Ways to Find Happiness

It took me quite a long time to figure out what I truly wanted in life. I used to blindly chase after material things hoping they would fill the void in my life, but they never did. So I pursued them with even more persistence but still I would never taste that satisfaction from gaining them.

Then one day after another unsatisfactory material gain it hit me.

Even if I gained all the wealth in the world what did it really give me?

This question radically changed my life and it made me look at the big picture. The only reason I pursued the flashy cars and big mansions was because I craved happiness. I felt that through this material gain I would find happiness and satisfy this hole in my life, but material things were never enough. This change in perspective led me to discover and pursue those things that really did give me happiness. I hope to share with you what I learnt so that you and everybody else still finding their purpose in life can find true happiness.

1.      Cherish Your Family and Friends

You must realize that the root of happiness is love, and where is the deepest love found in your life? Well it’s not in your business or your job; it’s between you and the people who are closest to you, your family and friends.

Therefore try to cherish your relationships and understand that this is where true happiness will flower from. Come to terms with your life and discover what is truly important to you.

2.      Gratitude

I know for me this strategy was the most important.

Gratitude is the simple act of being thankful for something. Try to be thankful for all that you have as much as possible. This positivity puts you in the correct mindset and when you realize that you have so much to be thankful for your happiness is guaranteed to go up.

Try to count your blessings throughout the day.

3.      Be In the Present

Most people don’t find happiness because they are either stuck in the past or are looking too far into the future. This wrong perspective only increases their stress and anxiety and it never allows people to focus on today. Mind

Take life one day at a time and be here. This will make you feel more in control because you will have the power to change and this attitude will help you find happiness and it will bring freshness into your life.

4.      Show Compassion and Kindness

I can’t completely explain the sensation you feel when you give or receive kindness but what I can tell you is that a huge portion of that sensation is happiness.

That’s why you should always practice kindness and compassion in every aspect of your life. Through persistence this practice will become second nature and you will see incredible results. You will find that not only will you feel happier but the people around you will be happier with you.

5.      Follow your Heart

Your heart will always tell you what you truly desire. Listen to your hearts advice and do what you feel is the most important. Don’t let your mind get in the way and you will find that your heart will lead you right towards happiness.


Osman Hameed is self-improvement expert and a sought out motivational speaker. He shares his tips for living a better a life on his websiteCodeofliving.com. CodeofLiving is a juicy mix of tips, tutorials and articles that are guaranteed to make anybody’s life better.

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  1. Everyone wants to be happy in their life. Some find it easy to be happy and others seem to search a lifetime for happiness and can not seem to find it. Usually happiness is right there; they just do not know what it really looks like.

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