Monthly Archives: June 2010

6 Simple Steps to Feel More Confident and Less Miserable in No Time

How many times have you looked at someone else and thought they had everything easy because natural confidence seemed to seep through their pores.

Believe it or not, those people don’t have anything you don’t, except practice. Continue reading

personality type

What’s your Productivity Personality Type?

Some people like lists and priorities and systems, while others like to listen to their intuitions and see where that takes them. Continue reading

starting the day

How To Get Out Of The House In The Morning: 8 Tips

These little comforts and organization make a huge difference to your day starting smoothly. If your morning goes well, you will be more productive and perhaps have some time for play later on in your day. Continue reading


How to Deny the Devil of Procrastination

That got me thinking about how to break the downward spiraling cycle of procrastination before it spins completely out of control and leads to emotional madness. Procrastination is a sensation of fear, a secondary fear and a cover for an original fear, so by the time we identify it Continue reading


Being Stuck

I believe my issues surrounding “patience” are based on the fact that I didn’t enjoy my work. It gave me little in return for a lot of hours of hard work, commuting and stress. It paid the bills and developed my skill set, but the work was incredibly dull for me. Continue reading


8 Ways To Stop Being Afraid of Making Wrong Decisions

One of the greatest challenges I faced was fear: fear of change, fear of making wrong decisions and fear of holding my point of view. Continue reading