6 Simple Steps to Feel More Confident and Less Miserable in No Time

How many times have you felt like your lack of self confidence was holding you back in life?

How many times have you beaten yourself up because of fear, and hesitancy left you too tired to fight?

How many times have you looked at someone else and thought they had everything easy because natural confidence seemed to seep through their pores.

Believe it or not, those people don’t have anything you don’t, except practice.

Cracking the confidence code requires you to understand that confidence is something within reach, but only if you’re willing to do a little work. Once you start actively working on your confidence, you’ll find a snowball effect, with success piling on itself and making true confidence easier to achieve.

The most difficult part is deciding to do something about your confidence problem, then taking that first step toward a better, more confident life. Follow these six simple steps to develop successful habits making you more confident in all you do.

1.  Discover your true passion. What is it you love doing most? What tumbles through your thoughts while you’re drifting off to sleep and sticks to the roof of your consciousness when waking in the morning? Discover your passion and you will have the elements needed to embark on your best life and make meaningful steps to move your life forward, with more time and energy to make passion a focal point of your life.

2.  Find an exercise you enjoy, then incorporate it into your daily routine. Physical fitness is a lifelong commitment, crucial for your best health, both physically and emotionally. Fitness is an amazing catalyst to feelings of happiness and elevated self-esteem. It’s easiest to find your inner glow when your outer body is active rather than sluggish.

3.  Make sure you know what you stand for. What are your values? What motivates you and keeps you on fire? With a clear picture of what you value most in life, developing strategies to help you stick to those values becomes easier). When you ignore your values, it’s easier to feel unmotivated, lost and frustrated.

4.  Own your actions. It might surprise you that the more you accept responsibility for your actions, the more your inner confidence will bloom. But it’s true. When you take responsibility, you acknowledge you are in control of your actions, rather than being at the pitiless mercy of random circumstance. Holding yourself accountable helps you hold your head higher.

5.  Learn to say no. It’s powerful, the moment you understand you’re not obligated to agree to every request coming your way. Feeling as though you’re at the beck and call of anyone requesting a favor crushes your confidence and leaves you in perpetual fear of what will happen if you say no. Realize the world will rotate without your involvement and you can build your life around those things that truly matter to you. Confidence will follow close behind.

6.  Take a look at how you treat yourself. Imagine if someone tried to treat your child, spouse or parent the same way. As long as you treat yourself with emotional negligence, your confidence and self image will always find root on shaky ground.

These six simple steps are easy and a great place to start drawing from the confidence inside you. Confidence isn’t a magic bullet that turns achievement into a snap of the fingers or blink of an eye. Even the most confident people have plenty of mistakes or failures in their history. The difference; confident people see failure as a learning opportunity.

True confidence is a lifelong journey. Know who you are and who you want to be, and others will easily see your confidence, inside and out.

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