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How To Get Out Of The House In The Morning: 8 Tips

Wake Up Your Mornings
We would all like to prolong the time in our beds and linger longer in the shower, but at a certain point, you have to get out the door and on your way to get that paycheck. Here are some ways to make it a little less painful to start another day. I might not convert you to a morning person, but it will make it more tolerable.

Be Prepared
These tips all require you to get ready the night before. Being organized and planning ahead will reduce your stress immensely. You will find you can just roll through the process will no hassle as long as you took action ahead of time. So yes, no matter how tired you are, take about a half an hour to prepare for tomorrow before you fall into bed.

Give yourself extra time
You want to have a cushion of time for unexpected problems. If it is not needed, this time can be used for meditation, reading, playing with your dog, or anything really.

Don’t snooze.
Get right out of the bed as soon as you hear your alarm, or if you wake up reasonably before your alarm. You know it only makes it worse to try to drag it out when you just don’t have time to sleep late.
Use an alarm that works for you. I know some people that need to have several set up strategically around the room to ensure they get out of bed. It also helps if the sound is annoying, but not too annoying. Some can use music, but I find it too soothing to be an effective alarm. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day helps your body get into the routine.

Get Ready
If you shower in the morning, try to reduce the steps you take by using combination products like shampoo plus conditioner. A citrusy or minty shower gel might be a nice perk for your senses. Try using an alarm so you know it is time to get out .If all else fails, you can try showering at night.
Choose what you are wearing the night before. Find a place where you can lay out or hang what you want to wear. Don’t forget to think of shoes and accessories. There won’t be time to find them if you have to look in the morning. Try to streamline your routine and put out the products you will need.

Fuel for your day
Be sure to eat a quick breakfast or grab something to take with you. Have a few easy-to-make breakfasts in mind. Frozen stuff is quick and many products are actually made to be low calorie. Your microwave or toaster can be your best friend. Try shakes, smoothies, breakfast bar, or fruit and yogurt. Even scrambled eggs can be quick. Just save the culinary ordeals for lazy weekend mornings.

Get ready for take-off
Leave your work bag by the door, full of anything you will need and ready to go. This is particularly important if you are working on something in the evening. The last thing you want to do is leave behind something that you were just finishing up. You will feel better if you have everything you will need for the day. This may include things you need to mail, your gym bag, etc.

Make lunch the night before or be sure you have cash. Bringing lunch can save you money and health. Gather everything together the night before so you can just grab it and go. You can invest in a nice bag for your lunch or some reusable containers for things like fruits, nuts, and dressing. If you need to make someone else’s lunch as well, plan accordingly and try to make it easier on yourself by simply making double portions. The key thing is to do it the night before, no matter how tired you are, so it will be done when you wake up.

Cruise control
If you have a commute that you are not fond of, having music you love can make it more relaxing and amusing .Depending on the technology you have at hand, flip through the radio, use your mp3 player, make CDs, or use satellite radio.  If you prefer information or stories instead of music, you can get recorded books from the library or download a podcast to listen to. If you ride a train or bus, you can bring something to read. Make your commuting time worthwhile and you will start to appreciate and maybe even enjoy it.

If you have a favorite drink: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, latte, or juice, find a way to get it at home and bring it in a nice travel cup. If you love your coffee, it is nice to have a coffee maker that goes on timer, so you can wake up to the aroma. Remember to bring your mug home, but have a couple so you can  switch it up or deal if you forget to bring one back home.

These little comforts and organization make a huge difference to your day starting smoothly.  If your morning goes well, you will be more productive and perhaps have some time for play later on in your day.

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