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Save A Life

7 Steps That Might Save A Life

Image of a defibrillator courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Lists of seven ways to improve yourself are popular on the web. Here is a seven-item list that could save lives. But first a little background. A few days ago in Russia, … Continue reading

Personal Development

Ancient Philosophy and Modern Personal Development

It is a common occurrence when someone is trying to take a step up in terms of their diet or exercise regime for unexpected saboteurs to appear. Most often the source of the sabotage is those who we had expected … Continue reading

How Meditation Improves Your Health (Part Two)

Meditation promotes good health by fighting off the adverse effects of stress – but what is stress anyway? Stress is the response to a situation that motivates us to perform an action – whether that be fleeing from an attacker, … Continue reading

What Do Porridge and Productivity Have in Common?

Sometimes simple stories have deep lessons. “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is a popular story for children, but it also has a hidden productivity lesson for all of us.
Continue reading

How to Use Economic Downturn to Your Advantage

When it comes to business and economy, bad news is pouring like rain; go to any news website or social bookmarking website and you will find scores of links telling you what a mess we’re in. Businesses are crumbling, banks … Continue reading

Shut the Duck Up

We all have a voice inside our head that chatters to us constantly about the day-to-day situations we find ourselves in. It’s one of the three primary ways that we interpret external data by constructing conversations internally with ourselves. Although … Continue reading