Monthly Archives: October 2007

Muscle Building

A Muscle Building Workout You Can Do Without Weights

Not everyone can afford expensive gym memberships or buy a home gym. Maybe you don’t feel the need to get huge, but would still like to gain a little muscle and tone what you already have. Fortunately, there are some simple yet effective exercises you can use to sculpt your body. Continue reading


Important Things in Life

Some ideas to help you wake up and remember the important things in life. Continue reading

How to Spot a Liar

If you can’t spot a liar, you’ll be easily fooled into taking bad deals — costing you money and credibility. Continue reading

delf motivation

Sustaining Self Motivation

The post provides ways to maintain your self motivation over the long haul. They include setting big goals, developing friendships, and creating self-reinforcing habits. Continue reading

Picking the Collective Brain: What tools do you use to manage your personal finances?

There are so many options that it’s hard to distinguish one from the next, so I turn to the PickTheBrain community: what tools do you use to manage your finances? Continue reading

Find Passion

How to Find Your Passion for Anything

By tweaking the activities and pursuits you engage in, you can find a passion for anything. All it takes is a bit of patience and an open mind. This article will you in finding your passion. Continue reading