How to Spot a Liar

The ability to recognize deception is an essential skill for business dealings and personal relationships. If you can’t spot a liar, you’ll be easily fooled into taking bad deals — costing you money and credibility.Yahoo! Finance has an interesting article that explains 7 social cues you can use to recognize liars. The article is targeted towards entrepreneurs, but the information could be applied anywhere.One tip recommends looking for incongruent communication:

When our words and our body language don’t agree, our communication is incongruent. Imagine that you ask a salesman if he can assure your delivery will be on time. If he explains how certain he is about it being on time while also shaking his head–as if non-verbally saying “no”–he is incongruent. When this sort of incongruence occurs, you would do well to believe the person’s body over his words.

How else do you know when someone is lying to you?Are They Lying to You? [Yahoo! Finance]