Picking the Collective Brain: What tools do you use to manage your personal finances?

It’s been approximately 16 months since I entered the working world and assumed responsibility for my personal finances. In that time, the number of accounts and expenses I need to track has grown to the point where I’m desperately in need of a tool to manage it all.

There are so many options that it’s hard to distinguish one from the next, so I turn to the PickTheBrain community: what tool do you use to manage your personal finances?

Here is the main criteria:

  • Simple: Tons of features aren’t a must, but speed and usability are.
  • Cost Effective: Cheap is the best price, but I’d spend a moderate amount for the right package.
  • Accessible: Ideally there would be a solution that can be accessed from multiple computers (PC and Mac).
  • Comprehensive: Capable of handling a wide range of expenses, income streams, and bank/investment accounts.

After that I’m open to anything. I really appreciate your responses and hopefully we’ll be able to create a comprehensive list of best tools available.

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