Monthly Archives: October 2007

Read and Discuss Classic Books Online at the New York Times

Found via Open Culture, the New York Times has created a new section that allows readers to read and discuss classic books online: Earlier this month, The New York Times Book Review launched an online Reading Room that lets readers … Continue reading

Educate Yourself Online

How to Educate Yourself Online

Effective online education goes beyond finding answers. It requires you to process numerous information sources, evaluate them based on credibility and relevance, and piece together a mosaic-like picture of the truth. The following is a strategic framework you can use to make the most of your online self education. Continue reading

If You Want to Change, Train Your Brain

“We make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon, and stars;” –Shakespeare In Shakespeare’s time, people blamed the stars for their problems. Today scientists tell us either that our brain has been pre-programmed by evolution, or shaped by our … Continue reading

New Sponsors: Lumosity and Charged Audio

PickTheBrain has two new sponsors for the month of November that we’d like to briefly thank and introduce. Lumosity is a brain fitness program, comprised of games and exercises, scientifically designed to improve your memory, attention, and processing speed. I … Continue reading

Self Criticism

The Art of Effective Self Criticism

If you value your own progress, you need to learn how to criticise yourself. We are often eager to criticise others, but when it comes to criticising ourselves we are strangely reluctant. The art of self criticism is essential to … Continue reading


Weekly Review: Paraliminals

The biggest benefit that I’ve experienced with the program is the ability to reach focused relaxation in a matter of minutes. Instead of having to find an isolated place and exert effort to clear my mind, Paraliminals puts the process on autopilot. Continue reading