Why Loving Yourself Is The First Step To Total Self-Healing

You may have been hurt, broken, rejected or even ridiculed. You may be battling with low self esteem and it feels like you are not worth more than they mockingly say you are. They said you are sick, you suddenly feel sick. Sick of your financial situation, your state of health, body size or appearance and you’re badly in need of total self-healing.

Yes, you can heal yourself of so many things; your body has been doing that since you were a baby. Remember when you had bruises and cuts?  How many are still visible on you? That’s your body self-healing.

Beyond visible wounds, you can heal yourself from anxiety, emotional trauma, heartbreak, even financial crisis. You may have tried out several tips and ideas but none is making you feel any better.

What is it you are not getting right?

Self love. You attract as much love as you show to yourself. Sometimes, what we think we have lost is simply an invisible seed within us. Just like the pain you may be going through, the strength and willingness to heal is rooted inside of you. You’ve got to love yourself enough to be able to reach for that strength.

All over the world, the people who others pay attention to are those who pay attention to themselves. They love themselves enough to know the things they know; look the way they look and do the things they do. You don’t expect me to love you if you don’t love you.  You’ve got to love yourself enough to know when to say no to that abusive relationship and yes to a better self relationship.

Why does this matter to your total self-healing?

Loving yourself will help you pay attention to the signals from inside you. Your body will not speak to you if you don’t love it. It can’t tell you what it needs to heal. And it is always right but most times we don’t pay attention.

Every part of your body works in harmony, not loving yourself can cause disunity inside you and every organ begins to act independently. That’s when the kidney begins to fail or cancer slips in and it seems like your whole body is unresponsive.

Total self-healing is possible. You have the potential for it but you may never actualise that potential if you do not love yourself enough. Ignore the brokenness you feel, the pain and anguish can all begin to go away if you start loving yourself all over again.

Some call it survival instinct but it is simply self-love. It can push you to distinguish yourself. It is the driving force inside of you that has kept you thus far even though the world around you is screaming negativity.

How to Love Yourself More

Let your love for self stick with you through all the bad experiences, toxic relationships and illnesses until you overlook them. When you start loving yourself and putting your happiness at the forefront, your life will begin to bloom.

Do not let that situation put you down any further; you have power within yourself to heal and flourish in life.

Pay attention to the things and people that make you happy.  The world is tending to infinity on the negative side, choose to love yourself a little more, and some more because you need all the love you can muster for total self-healing.

Remember, no one can help you love yourself not even your lover. Besides you need the healing not them. You are self-love away from achieving total self-healing; don’t waste it.

Do you love yourself?

Diena Diallo is an author and the founder of Diena Simply Natural. As a hair stylist and health coach, she helps women looking for change to feel beautiful about themselves, so they can live confidently through life and stay healthy enough to achieve their dreams. You can grab a copy of her self-help book, The Invisible Seed, where she shares her journey from depression to total self-healing.


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