How to Win in Life Every Day

Do you know what it feels like to win every day?

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the end of the day that you wonder how you even got anything done?

Most people go through life on auto-pilot without any thought as to what is happening.

Is that you?  Do you find yourself so wrapped up in a routine that you struggle to make progress on your goals?

If so, consider these tips, and start winning at life every day!

Tip#1: Win the morning.

Henry Ward Beecher once said, “The first hour is the rudder of the day – the Golden Hour.”

Be strategic in how you start your mornings.  If you wake up late, grab a cup of coffee, and race to get to work on time you have set a panicked tone for the day.

If a rudder steers a ship through its course, your first hour should help set the direction of your day.

Set several alarms if you need to wake up on time.  Get up slowly and take some time to feed yourself mentally and emotionally before starting your “work” day.

Tip#2: Celebrate the small wins.

No matter how full your day is with problem-solving, you must celebrate the small wins.

Did you wake up on time and make your bed before you left for work?  Win!

Did you finally figure out how to get that column to total correctly on your balance spreadsheet at work?  Win!

Did you stay under budget this week? Win!

There is so much that goes well during each week, so make sure to celebrate it!

Tip#3: Be fully present in each situation.

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” – Bill Watterson

There is no other way to live except in the moment.

Too often we find ourselves looking ahead to the weekend, to the next month, to the next holiday, etc.  We anticipate exciting and disappointing things all the time.

Instead, let’s practice gratitude for each moment and learn to enjoy it to the fullest.  Take time to talk with your coworkers or your children.  Don’t let life’s small moments pass you by.

Don’t let life’s small moments pass you by.

Tip#4: Recap your day with highs and lows.

One strategy that has worked great for me is to invest 5-10 minutes each day to verbalize and write down my highs and lows.

When I’m tired or stressed, I tend to think that I have had a very boring or “bad” day. However, if I take the time to analyze my day, I find there are almost always more positive events that I have simply forgotten.

Even if there were some low times, I can meditate on those for a moment and see if there’s anything I can learn and grow from.

I don’t believe in coincidences, so start paying attention to everything that happens each day.

Tip#5: Unwind and relax at night.

How do you finish your day? If starting your day is important, so is finishing the day.

What is it that you enjoy most to relax and unwind?  Watching movies, reading a good book, taking a walk, playing with your children?  Pick one of those activities and try it out for a week to see how it makes you feel.

You want to choose things that allow your mind to escape from any worry and bring feelings of happiness and contentment.

I hope these tips help you to take control of your life and start winning every day!

I’m Johnny Miller, the founder of Finding Your Fit, a blog about finding margin and career direction in life.  Come check out my blog and see how you can begin designing a career roadmap that actually fits your life.    


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