6 Ways To Keep Motivated With A Busy Work Schedule

You could be the hardest working person on earth. The Tim Cook of tech, the Michael Jordan of sport, the Taylor Swift of music; regardless, even the most committed feel motivation wavering as workloads pile up.

Staying motivated can be tough – even if you love your job – so check out the tips below to help you work on full throttle, without crashing.

  1. Make a to-do list

I’m not talking tons of post-its scattered around your home/desk/car; lay out a structured plan for the day, first thing in the morning or, better, the night before. This will help you stick to a schedule and make your workload feel manageable.

Set yourself realistic goals and rough time frames; anything additional you complete can only be a bonus.

  1. Focus on one thing at a time

You may not have the luxury of being able to complete one thing at a time, but try to spend a solid period on one task, without switching between multiple jobs throughout the day.

As above, set yourself a time scale. If you don’t finish the task, it doesn’t matter, at least your focus was on it and you can feel comfortable moving on to the next job and returning to this later.

This doesn’t work when things come up last minute, but if that happens, shuffle your schedule so you can account for the regime shift at the end of the day and avoid feeling deflated by it.

  1. Think about the end game

Before starting a task, visualise the end result and remind yourself why it’s so important and who will benefit from it.

Whether it’s for you, your company, a client or a friend, by recalling its importance your motivation levels will remain high.

  1. Give yourself a break

Don’t disillusion yourself into thinking working extended hours without a break will help your productivity.

Regardless of how extensive your workload is, a break is vital. By allowing yourself at least 20 minutes a day – ideally an hour – to escape your desk, go for a walk and grab some food, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle more tasks in the afternoon.

Over half of the successful women surveyed by Eventa regularly allowed themselves a lunch break and you should be too.

  1. Give yourself something to look forward to

From the little things, to the luxuries, everyone needs something to be excited about.

If it’s been a stressful couple of months, it’s probably time you booked a holiday. Even if you don’t fly for weeks, the countdown will retain your motivation levels and ensure you work hard, as you’ll be keen to complete everything beforehand so you can relax whilst you’re away.

On a smaller scale, something as simple as a Friday night takeaway or a day out at the weekend can keep the pace up and your week moving productively.

  1. Do something that makes you happy

Work stress can take over your personal life; dangerously so if it’s allowed to fester. Try to do something every day that will make you happy, regardless of how small, to remind you it isn’t all work and no play.

Whatever your guilty pleasure might be – from a chocolate snack, to half an hour in front of the TV – set yourself a benchmark, then treat yourself when you reach it.

From keeping a schedule to rewarding yourself when you’ve met a goal, staying motivated is fundamental to improving productivity and the quality of your work. Allow yourself a break, book a holiday and love your job again.

About Rowena: Rowena is a digital marketer, sci-fi lover and advocate of – at least – one trip abroad a year.


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