6 Fun Ways To Build Confidence (Without Pushing Yourself Too Far From Your Comfort Zone)

While overconfidence can wantonly boost your ego, lack of it can knock your self-image out cold. A bad self-image seriously affects one’s spirits and quality of living. But it is very, very viable to build confidence without taking too much effort and turn your life around! Here’s how:

  1. Wake up with a smile

    The morning alarm going off is one of the most frustrating moments in a day. You snooze it drowsily and before you can tuck yourself in the sheets and close your eyelids, the alarm starts blaring again. The realities of waking life flood your head and you wish you can shut the world out and sleep in.Don’t dread the day ahead. It’s chock full of awesome possibilities! Despite the mundanity of the events that you’re aware of, there are so many unimaginable circumstances that can happen! Life isn’t a video game, with definite directions and prospects. So rise and shine with your lips curved upwards and get ready for all exciting things that are gonna happen.

  2. Stand tall

    Yep. That’s it! Easy huh? You’ll hardly believe how significantly this bolsters your confidence. Ever thought about how man, as merely an evolved ape, has established dominance in the animal kingdom? It’s his upright posture, among other factors that makes him the most superior.For the slumpers out there, check your posture every ten minutes and in a matter of months you won’t be needing to do that at all. You don’t have to thrust your chest forward and walk around like a buffoon. Just make sure that your shoulder blades aren’t angled away from your body and you should be good.

  3. Read books

    Even if you’d rather play games or watch TV, read at least 10 – 20 pages of any good book of your liking everyday. Books stoke the imagination and are a more vivid and enriching experience than other forms of media. Besides taking you to faraway places and putting you in the shoes of intricately woven characters, books expand your vocabulary, inspire you to construct sentences in myriad ways and give you lots of ideas.Remember that a well read man is well respected, found formidable by his foes and is agelessly attractive despite time and gravity wearing down his visage.

  4. Ride a bike

    Cars are cool and motorcycles are cooler, but a bike has tremendous sex appeal (Not because of the inverse proportionality between the size of a vehicle and that of its driver’s genitalia). Remember when your daddy let go of the bike as you pedalled and you rode forward on your own, your heart skipping beats as the wind caressed your grinning face? Nothing else can compare, right?

    Bikes are not only cheaper, easier to maintain and fun to ride, but also gives you a good cardiovascular workout and is more efficient in locomotion than cars in peak-hour road traffic. You’ll be saving a ton of money this way and also feel buoyant and energetic (surprisingly not exhausted) throughout the day.

  5. Swear to your heart’s content

    As long as it doesn’t needlessly offend anyone or make a sailor blush, swear all you want without the slightest shame. This has got to be the easiest f**king way to build confidence, right? You bet your f**king a** it is!Studies show that people who swear a lot are the most honest and genuine, and though they may not be everyone’s favorite, they have relationships that run deep. Also, our potty-mouthed friends have an air of confidence about them resulting from an aversion to fake their personality to adhere to conventions.

  6. Sleep well

    It’s not like taking a bite of a poisoned apple, falling into a coma and getting kissed by a prince would make you as menacingly confident as a scarlet-faced boxer in a face-off. But sleep deprivation seriously saps the vigour and you’ll be having a chore survivng the day, let alone waltz your way through it.

    Ensure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night (or during the day if you’re a night owl) so that you can wake up to the morning alarm without vehemently cursing it and start the day right.

The world’s yours. Go get it tiger!


Ajay Shaan is an aspiring motivational writer, a lover of the English language (One that often ends up grabbing his garb and jumping out the window at the sound of the doorbell) and a certified weirdo with a distinct sense of humor. He hails from India and should you wonder how he smells, he does it with his nose, much like the rest of the world.


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