3 Natural Ways That Will Help You Let Go of Your Anxiety

Worrying too much, being nervous or feeling discomfort about an upcoming and/or unclear situation in a somehow irrational way is what we call anxiety, and it is a quite common phenomenon. Anxiety usually manifests itself either in short-term episodes or in a more general way while it can also be related -or not- to a specific type of situation.

Unfortunately, for some by becoming too acute or too frequent, anxiety can become a real problem that can easily prevent them from seizing new opportunities and enjoying the pleasures of life.

Whether you’re experiencing it in a mild or more acute manner, it is always good to know how to deal with it. Contrary to what you might think, dealing appropriately with anxiety is not about gaining more control over it but, in fact, it is more about letting it go away.

Here are 3 different natural ways that will work well together if used effectively; you can use them to let go and free yourself from anxiety without the use of dangerous benzodiazepine medication.

1. Use the power of your mind

The first thing you should do when anxiety creeps in is to switch into logic mode. When you put yourself in a more logical state of mind, you become automatically less emotional and vice versa.

To bring yourself in a more logical state, begin by asking yourself the following questions and answer them in the most logical manner possible:

  • Right now, what am I afraid of?
  • How bad this can truly be for my life?
  • What impact this will have on my life in one year from now?

As anxiety is usually based on over exaggerated and irrational fear, answering those questions in a very logical manner will also put in evidence that, in fact, there is no need to get aggravated.

During this entire mental exercise, observe this “anxiety process” from a third person perspective and mentally comment on it a little bit like if you were a scientist doing a research on the subject.

  • Ah I see, because this social event is coming next week, this irrational nervousness makes me think in loop about all what could go wrong. Hum, this social anxiety thing is truly an interesting phenomenon…

This will not only help you calm down but will also help you to disconnect yourself from this emotional pattern of anxiety. This disconnect mechanism will help you let it go.

If the anxiety episode is very strong and stops you from doing anything else valuable, take a break and solve some math problems or any other logical games like those games conceived to increase IQ. Have those installed on your Smartphone or just have those little booklets in your office, car or hand bag.

Of course, when you feel anxious, it is the perfect time to do some good old positive self-talk and affirmation in order to reframe the situation in a positive manner.

  • This is only another of those irrational anxiety episodes; no big deal, for I can continue and have a great day!
  • I’m a little anxious; it’s normal and happens to everybody; I’m going to be fine now.
  • Challenges like this bring the best out of me; they make me stronger in the long run.

2. Use your body

The connection between your mind and your body goes both ways. Your mind influences your body and your body influences your mind. So the first thing to do is to take a more relaxed and comfortable physical posture.

Relax all your muscles, and adopt an overly comfortable positon on a chair or stand against the wall in a very cool way. It will be very difficult for your mind to stay nervous if your body has a super cool and relaxed stance. Following the same principle, enforce slower movements when you walk and reduce your tempo of speech.

Also something that is quite effective in relaxing the body, and the mind for that matter, is to have a good laugh. If you can, go talk to someone funny or watch a couple of those hilarious YouTube viral videos.  If you can, laugh out loud! This will help a lot to dissipate your anxiety!

Of course, getting involved in daily regular exercise and fresh air activities is a must as it will help you sleep better and reduce anxiety in the long run. If you’re stuck all day long in an office building downtown, find the stairs cage and do some stair climbing for 10 minutes twice a day.

3. Use some herbals

Last but not least, some encapsulated herbals and tea bags contain mild doses of beta blockers or some serotonin precursor that are great at reducing anxiety. These can be used very safely without side effects. As long as you don’t use them in unreasonable quantities or use the same one every single day, you will be able to use these herbs to provide yourself a subtle mind-calming anti-anxiolytic effect every time you need to do so.

Although these herbals can significantly improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety, please make sure that you abide by the directions outlined on the container every time you take one. It is important because when taken as a capsule, it is likely that you consume more in concentrated form than you would otherwise consume in a tea-bag form.

The best one are as follows:

  • 5-HTP, from Griffonia simplicifolia
  • Valerian Root
  • Passion Flower
  • John’s Wort
  • Camomile

On this last note, have a confident day, and share if you like!

Chuck Freeman is an autodidact and avid reader, entrepreneur, strength training and nutrition specialist, software architect and writer. He is also an author at The Alpha Next Door, a bad-ass self-improvement site that helps young men find and achieve their purpose. Chuck’s writing style incorporates a wide range of self-improvement subjects with an entertaining and politically incorrect style.


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