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5 Tips to Motivate Yourself When You’re A Student

What student doesn’t need a little motivational push for doing homework? Continue reading

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How A Change of Attitude Can Change An Entire Life

In fact there are a great number of people who have been extremely successful and achieved amazing heights by keeping a positive and optimistic attitude in life; and of course by putting time and effort towards their goals. Continue reading

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20 Bad Things We Do In Private

When we are in the privacy of our homes, it’s easy to slip into these actions and thoughts because there’s no one there to remind us, filter us, or judge us — except our families whom we often take for granted. We expect them to love us in spite of our bad behaviors. Continue reading

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5 Facts About Reaching Goals That Make or Break Friends

I spent the last three years working towards a goal, but instead of moving forward I fell backwards. I forgot the most important aspect of goals: action. Continue reading

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The Top 10 Ways Exercise Can Radically Improve Your Life

It’s proven that exercise not only trains your body but also trains your brain; there are multiple studies that show how endurance actually boosts brainpower. Continue reading

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15 Quotes to Help You Smash Negative Thinking!

It’s a crazy, vicious cycle. That’s why I think it’s good to simply listen, absorb and be inspired by what the world can offer you. That’s how you’d be blessed with different insights all together.

Here are 15 quotes to help you smash negative thinking Continue reading