Monthly Archives: May 2013

Stop Giving Your Brain the “Sugar Blues”

Refined sugar has been called poison, toxic, and the “anti-nutrient”. It’s said to be more addictive than cocaine. Is it really that bad? How much does sugar really affect your brain? Continue reading

Lazy Panda

The Lazy Person’s Guide To Not Being Lazy

Simple because laziness is a habit. That’s right, it’s nothing else than a certain way of living that has been programmed into our brains. Continue reading

3 Ways to Harness the Power of Affirmations

Learn how to make your affirmations effective and powerful by feeling it, believing it, and repeating it. Do it the right way to leverage the power of affirmations and change your life in any way you’d like. Continue reading

5 Steps to Detoxify Your Inner Self

Have you ever felt like you were bloated with all the negative thoughts that you have created for yourself? Have you ever been under deep pressure and felt so greasy of trouble and wanted some good shower of relaxation? Continue reading

How to Trick Your Brain to Create a New Healthy Habit

When you begin any new self-improvement program, you’re enthusiasm is high and you’re motivated by the pleasure of what you want or the pain of what you don’t want. But motivation naturally diminishes with time. Continue reading

How To Know What You Really Want To Do In Life

Assign at least 10 minutes daily to just think about what you really want to do in life. Make notes if you want. Jot down actions and events throughout the day that make you feel really joyous Continue reading