Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Myth of Adversity and How to Reach the Next Level

Life to me has often been very unusual. On one hand I would compare myself to others who were better off in areas I wanted to strive for. And on the other hand, I would witness these same people lead unfulfilled lives. Continue reading

How to Ask Yourself Great Questions

In my life coaching training program, one of my first homework assignments was to make a list of 100 empowering questions we could ask clients in coaching sessions. These are open-ended questions that generally begin with the word how, why or what. Continue reading

Natural Tips For Flawless and Beautiful Skin

While we all want to love skin, most of us do not realize it’s one of our body biggest organs! From head to toe, skin is the first place our bodies begin displaying symptoms of problems. Continue reading

Stuck? 9 Ways to Move Your Life Forward

Feeling stuck is a very disempowering state of mind. You want something, but something else outside of your control is making you feel powerless. Continue reading

The Bright Side Of Hitting Rock Bottom

I had hit rock bottom, and it was lower than I thought possible for myself.

The real surprise to me was that it would be one of the best things that ever happened to me. Continue reading

How to Shake Up Your Life

Sometimes, the key to having an adventurous life is simply to tweak your daily lifestyle. Continue reading