Monthly Archives: April 2013

4 Potent Life Lessons From Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments are otherworldly, and his advice is golden. Here are four life lessons I’ve learned from reading his autobiography (twice). All quotes are by Ben Franklin. Continue reading

4 Rules for Supreme Productivity

Today I’m sharing with you the top 4 guidelines that I’ve distilled in my pursuit of supreme productivity. It applies to working as well as studying. If you don’t already have a life coach, consider getting one or becoming your own. Continue reading

How to Make Learning as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

all of us are capable of learning. We just aren’t always aware of our hidden, intellectual capabilities. Now, how do you go about tackling a new subject, you may ask? Continue reading

3 Ways Being Yourself Leads To New Opportunity

Over the past few years of trying to live the life of a freelancer and entrepreneur, I’ve realized one crucial thing: when I am completely myself, I flourish at unexpected skills and tasks. Continue reading

4 Simple Ways of Avoiding Distractions

When you make sure you stay in your productivity zone for prolonged periods of time you will allow yourself to become lucky as well. Your ideas will be better, your software will have fewer bugs, your answer will be clearer Continue reading

Stop The Drama Train: 6 Steps To A Drama Free Life

Drama is a habit, just like any other unproductive habit we acquire. When our lives seem dull or uninspired we crave to ramp things up. When our lives are filled with negativity we are naturally drawn to more negative. Continue reading