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The Secret Ingredients For Living Your Passion Every Day

I’m not getting much sleep at the moment.

I’m up until midnight most nights, even beyond, and sometimes I wake up at 4am in the morning with my mind buzzing and energised.

I’m also the busiest I have even been in my life.

Tired? Exhausted? Stressed? Anxious?

None of the above.

I’m excited!

I can’t help but jump from my bed when I wake in the middle of the night and get to my computer and press the ‘on’ button. I sit there waiting eagerly in the darkness for the bright white glow of the screen to light up my face. Continue reading

4 Reasons to Take Action…Any Action… Right Now!

I used to think there was a formula for life. Do X and Y happens. Being the Type A person that I am…or used to be, I believed that if you worked hard, you’ll succeed. That was it. And while this is still true to some extent, what forced me down a spiraling path of anxiety and stress was a strong sense of uncertainty in my job, career and increasingly in life.
Continue reading

The One Way to Value Experiences Over Stuff This Holiday Season

We all want to make this holiday season more about love than about gifts. Why is actually doing it so much harder than we thought? Continue reading

Elimination – The Secret Strategy to Finding Your Life Purpose

​Are you waiting for the skies to part and for your life’s purpose to be revealed?

Wandering the streets like a lost tourist in hopes that your life’s purpose will run into you?

Waiting for inspiration to strike in a midnight dream, like a bolt of lightning?

You may be feeling unfulfilled in life because you have yet to find your life’s purpose. Continue reading

5 Habits Of Successful People defines habit as “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary”. In other words at first you choose your habit consciously and with effort then after sometime the habits doesn’t require the effort of any conscious application from you. No wonder the old sage says that” at first we make our habits then our habits makes us”. You are a product of habits. Continue reading

Failing Does Not Necessarily Mean Failure

Why is it that when we make a mistake or see a setback, many individuals feel as though the original goal we set out to accomplish is now a lost cause or possibly even a complete failure? Is it that what we wanted to achieve is now hopeless and no longer worth our time? Perhaps, in some circumstances this may be the case, as we have all had goals that we have had to decide to be no longer attainable. However, for the vast majority, I would argue they are within our reach, yet our determination weakens as we encounter setbacks. Therefore, the question in this work is why does our initial passion subside and finally become so easily depleted, seemingly due to setbacks which are in reality, minimal? The answer, I suggest, is due to what our leaders, teachers, and parents have not taught us, rather than what they have taught. Continue reading