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How to Stay Sane When Your World is Spinning Out of Control

You may going through agonizing circumstances in your life right now. Your romantic relationships or marriage could be tearing at the seams and you may not be able to hang on much longer. Or some other kind of family relationship … Continue reading

7 Questions to Help You Discover Your Life’s Calling

The path to my calling has taken years. I started my legal career as a lawyer and believed that was my calling in life but I soon found out it wasn’t. Continue reading

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What To Do When You Have No Idea What To Do With Your Life (9 action steps to start)

Here are 9 tips for you to get started on figuring out your direction in life when you have no idea what to do. Continue reading

Elimination – The Secret Strategy to Finding Your Life Purpose

​Are you waiting for the skies to part and for your life’s purpose to be revealed?

Wandering the streets like a lost tourist in hopes that your life’s purpose will run into you?

Waiting for inspiration to strike in a midnight dream, like a bolt of lightning?

You may be feeling unfulfilled in life because you have yet to find your life’s purpose. Continue reading

5 Ways Spirituality Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

If you grew up in a zealously religious home practicing a strict faith, you might run from religion like your hair is on fire.

You may also run away from spirituality like you’ve seen a zombie if you associate spirituality with ganja-smoking Reggae singers at a Rastafarian concert.

You don’t even want to hear the word meditation as you live in the modern world, far removed from the remote mountains of the Himalayas and have no plans of entering a monastery. Continue reading