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Applying a Scientific Mindset to Everyday Life

The scientific mindset is a great way to better understand the world and how to adapt to it. This mindset is not only useful in colleges and laboratories, but also in our everyday life.

By learning to be a more scientific thinker, we respect the facts, question our beliefs, practice our knowledge in the real world, and never stop learning new things.

This mindset can significantly benefit ours lives by teaching us how to adapt effectively to our always changing world.

I believe that anyone can benefit from adopting a more “scientific mindset.” Continue reading

5 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

For millions of Americans, Thanksgiving is a fun and festive time to celebrate all the good things in life, and eat way too much food with your extended family. But if the traditional approach to Thanksgiving has worn thin or otherwise doesn’t appeal to you, here are 5 ways to mix up your holiday celebration! Continue reading

6 Powerful Ways to Overcome Fear (And Craft the Lifestyle of Your Dreams)

You want to follow your dreams.

You want to live the lifestyle you know you deserve.

Yes, the one you’re secretly afraid of following.

But something is holding you back, or so you believe.

What if I told you that nothing is holding you back?

You’d probably roll your eyes, right?

But it’s true. Nothing is holding you back. You can have the life you want, and more. And in this article you’ll discover how. Continue reading

Unleashing Power within Introverts: 5 Practical Steps to Thrive in an Extrovert World

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

One-third of the populations in this world are introverts. Are you one of them?
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3 Ways To Reduce the Chances That You Are Deluding Yourself

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re not sure whether or not someone likes you. You think that there’s a possibility that a connection exists, but you don’t have enough information to tell. You end up talking to your friends for hours trying to determine the meaning of small micro bursts of eye contact or the implications of fairly ordinary questions. The truth is that although you’re hoping for the best, you don’t really know what the other person thinks about you. No matter what opinion you end up taking, the possibility that you’re deluding yourself still remains. Continue reading

The Art of Imagination

How often do you hear about someone who’s “full of it?” or pretty much crazy?

And what do you think of when you hear that?

Most people often just think the person, who’s full of it is someone who talks a lot of nonsense or worse, a liar.

But you know something?

Being crazy or full of it is a powerful trait which I want to share with you all because I know it can help you guys out. Continue reading