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Warning! You Might be in a Co-dependent Relationship and Not Even Know it!

Consider the following scenarios.

You have a friend who is extremely needy. They complain that you don’t call them enough. They become upset when you make plans that don’t include them.

Your significant other constantly seeks your approval. It seems as if they cannot make a decision without first consulting you.

Your parents have not accepted the fact that you are an adult. They make you feel guilty for growing up and wanting to be independent. Continue reading

7 Important Productivity Habits My Parents Taught Me

My childhood was a very regular one: I hung around with my friends, went to school and had a lot of activities going on on a daily basis.

When I look at my childhood, I’m able to see the productivity lessons my parents taught me. Although I had a hard time following them when I was a kid, and I can now truly value them as the cornerstones of my productivity. Continue reading

How to Develop a Positive Mindset

I’ve always told people who want to go far in life that all they require is a positive mindset.

The same goes for you. Continue reading

Why Your Job is a Dead End (and How to Re-Energize Your Life)

“Go to college, major in something marketable, then get a good job in a secure field.” Sound familiar? It’s what most of us have been told.

But now that you’ve been out in the real world for a while, something doesn’t quite seem right about that advice. Continue reading

10 Ways to Start Believing in Yourself Right Now!

Believing in yourself is another way of saying having confidence, but I think it is a much more explicit way to say it. It explains what is required.

What is confidence? Confidence is often linked with self-esteem and self-worth. It is self-assurance. It is believing that you have much to offer and that you are valuable. Much of that is gained through accomplishments and successes. Some of that is gained through other peoples opinions.

Confidence in yourself also means trusting yourself to be able to handle any situation that comes your way. This means preparation by gaining knowledge and experience. Continue reading

How To Stay Positive When a Relationship Ends

Break-ups are never fun. It is easy to find ourselves in a funk.

If we’re not careful we can fall into a black hole of negativity and end up throwing a pity party that goes on for days, weeks, maybe even longer.

To combat this, we need to stay positive about our life and what the future holds.

The following 5 steps can help you let the light of positivity shine through your darkest days. Continue reading