The Art of Imagination

How often do you hear about someone who’s “full of it?” or pretty much crazy?

And what do you think of when you hear that?

Most people often just think the person, who’s full of it is someone who talks a lot of nonsense or worse, a liar.

But you know something?

Being crazy or full of it is a powerful trait which I want to share with you all because I know it can help you guys out.

Why I am crazy

I’m probably the angriest person alive.

That much I am opening up to everyone who’s reading this now.

I am constantly swarmed with negative thoughts. I get angry easily because of a random thought of someone who wronged me.

I can be in the comforts of my own room, enjoying a good YouTube video and then automatically get pissed when I think of say…

The time my ex-girlfriend cheated on me.

Then I go absolutely crazy.

I start to think of how I’d confront the guy she cheated on me with and start beating him up and think about how I may end up in jail for breaking the law. That of course would make my family really upset. And my future would be ruined. But hey, at least I got my revenge!

There’s NO holding back!

Did you see how crazy I was there?

Stop making things up in your head

What I described above never happened.

I made it all up!

I was going crazy with my thoughts!

Now this is the danger in the art of imagination.

To let negative thoughts take control of your mind and body…

… and then go crazy with your thoughts on the possibilities of what can happen should you take action, or not.

I think of beating and hurting someone, which ultimately hurts me.

How about you?

Do you think of the nice insults you can hurl at your annoying boss, but wonder what you’d do when you get fired? Or do you think of how your busy friends probably can’t be there for you when you are feeling sad?

Whatever it is, guess what?

They don’t exist at all.

They don’t.

Do you want to continually make yourself feel angry or sad over things that aren’t even real?

I personally came across this revelation when well, I was just tired of being angry all the time. It doesn’t make sense to be angry in my own room, which has air-conditioning, video games, and food.

It doesn’t make sense to be angry or upset over things that hasn’t happened yet, when you can enjoy the great life you’re already leading.

It doesn’t.

So, do yourself a favor now and get rid of expectations, of any kind.

Expectations, when not handled properly can put in a lot of stress onto yourself. Don’t think of the future too much, especially when you find yourself going crazy with your thoughts.

It’s just going to aggravate whatever that is currently bothering you.

Enjoy what you have. Move on from past mistakes and don’t look back. If you’ve something present  that’s bothering you, work on it slowly and recognize your immediate progress, rather than worry about the problem.

Using the art of imagination for yourself

But you know something cool?

There’s a way of crazy with imagination that can help you and make you feel alive!

It’s simple positive thinking and this is my method:

Whenever a negative thought comes about, simply replace it with a really awesome thought.

This is where you get to go crazy with imagination.

Just think of all the GOOD and FUN possibilities of life. Don’t hold back on goodness. Use ONLY awesome words in your head. Create scenarios that make you laugh and smile.

Have fun with it!

You know when your friends say, “Man that guy’s full of it!” and start to laugh over some awesome joke or entertaining story?

That’s the aim.

It is and can be that easy to use your mind to create awesome thoughts.

It’s just a direction flip.

Think about it.

Get your imagination in check

Whatever method of positive thinking that suits you, go for it. It’s your mind, and it has the right to be happy.

I use this because other methods to me are very passive. You end up dealing with the negative thought head on, when easily, it can be replaced with something better.

Is this lying to myself? Well, I was at the start wasn’t I?


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