Monthly Archives: October 2012

7 Practical Steps to Making Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Five years ago, I was miserable and alone. Today, I get paid to do what I love. And I have an amazing family. It did not happen because of luck. Or because I did my visualizations. It happened because I took practical steps forward each and every day. And in this article, you’ll discover what those steps were. Continue reading

The Truth about First Impressions

First impressions are an interesting phenomenon. Just about every article or book chapter on this topic will tell you that first impressions are extremely important, so you have to ensure that you always make a great one. Thus, they’ll encourage you to be dressed sharp, have a positive body language and pay attention to about two dozen things when you interact with a person for the first time, in order to convey the ideal message. But is all of this really necessary? And is it really useful? Continue reading

5 Steps To A Truly Inspirational Life

If someone asked you to describe your life, as it is right now, what’s the first thing you’d say? “It’s OK, it’s average, not bad, good, terrible?” A few years ago I asked myself this same question; I was shocked by the answer that came back. I realized that life was OK, but I never wanted anything to be just be OK! The reality was, I was bored, I’d gotten comfortable and I’d lost my passion for what I did. Continue reading

How to Complete (or Junk) an Unfinished Project

So that brilliant new idea that washed over you in a hot rush of genius? It didn’t feel so hot once you put in a few hours. That big assignment that you fueled with caffeine and shook your finger at pointedly? It paid no mind to your stern threats of completion. You’re left sitting at your desk (your couch) with a cold keyboard, a warm remote, and a stomach full of gummy bears. Continue reading

Why Quitting Your Job Might Not Be a Bad Idea

Have you ever wondered what you could do if you did not have to go to work? Are you unsatisfied with your job or your employer? Sometimes we need to “dump the trash” to make room for new opportunities. So many of us get caught in the daily grind, and we forget what is important to us. Our happiness is just as important if not more important than our finances. Continue reading

7 Ways Procrastination Can Stunt Your Business Growth

Procrastination. It affects us all from time to time. Procrastination isn’t a terribly bad thing depending on what you’re putting off, but if you operate a business, it is something you must avoid as often as possible. If you’re not careful, procrastination will leave your business stuck in neutral. Continue reading