5 Steps To A Truly Inspirational Life

If someone asked you to describe your life, as it is right now, what’s the first thing you’d say? “It’s OK, it’s average, not bad, good, terrible?” A few years ago I asked myself this same question; I was shocked by the answer that came back. I realized that life was  OK, but I never wanted anything to be just be OK! The reality was, I was bored, I’d gotten comfortable and I’d lost my passion for what I did.

This was my wake up call; it suddenly dawned on me that nothing was going to change, until I changed! One week later I listened to my heart. I handed in my resignation at my job, overriding the feeling of fear. From that moment I can honestly say I felt ALIVE again! Life no longer felt predictable or stale, it felt fresh and exciting.

1. Get Real

It’s true what they say; honesty is the best policy especially when it involves changing your life. Think about the way that you approach your life, do you feel inspired and fulfilled by your job, relationships and lifestyle?  When you meet friends you haven’t seen in a while, do you look forward to sharing all that’s happening or do you begin your conversation with a deep sigh? Are you inspired by your life? When you meet someone who’s truly inspired by life they automatically light up a room with their presence and vibrancy.

2. Take Action

When I left my job the first thing I did was to think about what would really make me feel alive. I really wanted to be challenged, so I starting my own business and pushed myself to go back to university. This went against the advice of many people who suggested it was too much, too late. However, 3 years later whilst working 50 hours a week, I achieved my BA  degree. Here’s the thing, I had more security before I left my job and I was making good money and was set to take over where I worked. What I now know is money, security and status does not lead to fulfillment. Lasting fulfillment only happens when you’re truly inspired by the life your living. What are the challenges that would re-engage you and make you feel alive, connected and inspired again?

3. Raising the Stakes

Raising the stakes means raising our commitment to excellence. That doesn’t mean working harder or longer, but it definitely involves being open to change. If you’re relationship isn’t how you’d like it to be, think about the way you’ve been communicating, how much effort and variety have you invested lately? If your health isn’t great, take a look at your diet and lifestyle; be purposeful about what you do and eat. If you’re struggling with negative thinking, be conscious about what you read, watch and listen to. Be selective about those who influence you. Raising the stakes is about asking the question “If what I am currently doing isn’t achieving the results that I want, what is it that I want and am I willing to raise the stakes in order to achieve it?”

4. Creativity

A common question I often hear is “I’m not sure what I should do differently to achieve the changes I want in life?” With the advance of the Internet, online bookstores and reading devices, YouTube, and blogs (such as this one), it is much easier to find the answers you need. It truly comes down to being creative about finding information. When you want something enough, you’ll find a way! Be creative whom you spend your time, work with a coach or a mentor and keep your eyes open.

5. Adventure

No one said life was going to be easy, but in order to embrace change you need to shift your perspective. When I think about starting on a new journey, it can feel scary, even terrifying, so I change the meaning I associate to this event from the fear of the unknown to the excitement of a new adventure! I found that half the battle of changing your life is letting go and trusting that you are resourceful enough to handle whatever comes your way. If you’re willing to take the necessary risks, the results will show up. You’ll get the job, the relationship, the body and the life style you want. However, I do not under any circumstance believe in quick fixes. If your effort is minimal, you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

On a final note, life is short. Nothing is guaranteed. The clock is ticking! Don’t waste time trying to map out the next five years, start with a basic, comprehensive plan and take action. If something feels right in your heart, use wisdom, but LISTEN to your heart. Remember your mind is programmed to protect you; but your heart is designed to lead you!


Luke is a life and career coach, author, speaker and founder/CEO off www.lukehavard.com. Luke’s method of coaching is high performance, teaching clients to live and perform with lasting, authentic confidence and excellence. Luke’s client list consists of people from all walks of life: politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, busy executives and major corporate organizations. He is currently working on a book entitled: Punching Above Your Weight, A violent assault on mediocrity. To find out more about Luke’s coaching programms, books and live events visit   www.lukehavard.com


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